how to clean oil stains on mechanical equipment?

1ndustrial oil is generally a mixture of oil, dust and rust, which is difficult to be diluted and dissolved by water, so it needs to use professional oil cleaning agent for mechanical equipment. 1n addition, it can be removed by chemical or electrochemical methods< (1) chemical degreasing method: organic solvent degreasing: commonly used organic solvents include gasoline, kerosene and other hydrocarbon solvents. Due to the increasingly stringent environmental protection, those hydrocarbon cleaning agents with almost no sulfur and phosphorus begin to dominate the market alkaline solution degreasing: such as caustic soda, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, sodium phosphate, etc. When cleaning, increasing the solution temperature and stirring can speed up the oil removal effect. Generally, it can be heated to about 80 ℃. After washing, it should be washed with hot water and dried with compressed air< (2) electrochemical degreasing method: the method of separating grease from the surface of parts by mechanical stirring and stripping of bubbles generated by two electrodes during electrolysis is called electrochemical degreasing method. This method has the advantages of high speed, high efficiency and thorough oil removal in the face of oil pollution on mechanical equipment, will you still be at a loss? The above methods can definitely help you

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