How to clean the gloves of environmental protection workers

1t’s very difficult for environmental protection workers to clean their labor protection gloves, so environmental protection workers must have a skill to clean their labor protection gloves, otherwise it’s not a cure at all. Let’s share with you how to clean the labor protection gloves

apart from the fact that the clothes themselves can not be the source of dust emission, the gloves for environmental protection workers also have the effect of preventing human body from emitting dust. At the same time, as clothes, they should have the basic properties of safety protection, comfort, convenience of operation, aesthetics and so on in material and design. Otherwise, due to the different styles of work clothes, fabrics and underwear, the gloves for environmental protection workers should be able to prevent human body from emitting dust, 1t directly affects the dust and colony number in the clean city

generally speaking, the labor protection gloves of cleaning personnel should be smooth, free from static electricity, fibers and particulate matter. The size should be loose and fit, the edge should be sealed, and the joint should be sealed inside. There are mainly three styles as follows:

1. Clean labor protection gloves for underwear

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