How to control occupational noise with sound insulation earplug and earmuff

Noise is a kind of sound that people don’t want. 1t often affects people’s mood and health, interferes with people’s work, study and normal life

working in high noise environment for a long time without taking any effective protective measures will lead to permanent and irreparable hearing loss, even serious occupational deafness. Occupational deafness has been listed as one of the most important occupational diseases at home and abroad. 1n addition to deafness, strong noise can also have adverse effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system and reproductive function of human body. Especially strong noise can also lead to nerve disorders, shock, and even life-threatening. Because noise is easy to cause psychological fear and cover the alarm signal, it is often an important factor in industrial accidents

it is difficult for workers with occupational deafness to exchange views with others, which affects work efficiency; 1n daily life and social activities, they can’t exchange ideas and feelings with their relatives or friends, let alone enjoy the wonderful music and opera. Especially in old age, this situation is more serious, which will cause great pain in the mood

generally speaking, engineering control measures or personal protection measures are adopted to control the noise that people actually accept below 85dB (a) (according to the noise exposure time of 8 hours per working day), and the impact of noise on hearing is very small. At the same time, the impact of noise on other aspects of health will also be greatly weakened. Therefore, the control of occupational noise hazards is always closely related to hearing protection

in terms of controlling occupational noise hazards, ear protectors still play an important role in the world and are widely used. Even in amateur activities, as long as there is strong noise. Ear protectors are also useful. 1t is a simple and economical way to use ear protectors. Foreign laws and standards on noise generally stipulate that workers must use sound insulation earplugs and earmuffs when the noise reaches or exceeds 90dB (a); Anyone (including the boss of the factory and the V1P visiting the factory) who enters the site must also wear sound insulation earplugs and earmuffs; For those workers who are more sensitive to noise, even if they work in the environment of 85dB (a) to 90dB (a), they must also use ear protectors.

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