How to deal with the rain drenched labor protection shoes?

The maintenance of labor protection shoes should start from normal times. Most of the leather labor protection shoes have a certain waterproof function, but if you wear them in rainy days, you still need to apply shoe polish and spray waterproof fog. Shoe polish is not the more the better, excessive shoe polish not only can not be absorbed by the leather, but also backfire, wet the labor protection shoes again

after the labor protection shoes are wet by rain, they should be treated properly immediately to prevent the shoes from deformation and mildew. After the general labor protection shoes are soaked in rain, if they are left there for a long time, they are easy to get moldy. 1f you want to keep the shoes from getting moldy, it is suggested to take several maintenance steps for the wet labor protection shoes:

1. First, use the fabric with good water absorption to absorb the moisture on the surface of the shoes. Don’t wipe too hard, the dirt will scratch the skin of shoes, so pay special attention to it

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