How to distinguish genuine leather from fake leather?

To understand leather, we need to know how to distinguish the true from the false. The most common word of “genuine leather” in leather products industry is also a common term for people to distinguish synthetic leather from genuine leather. There are many kinds of genuine leather and different quality, so the price is also very different

here are several common methods to identify dermis.

first, feel

touch the surface of leather by hand. 1f there is a smooth (grain surface is processed into coarse leather), soft, plump and elastic feeling, it is dermis< Second, the eye view is mainly used to identify the types of leather and the quality of leather grain, and observe the obvious pores and patterns on the surface of leather. Although synthetic leather also imitates pores, it is not clear. 1n addition, the reverse side of synthetic leather has a layer of textile as the bottom plate, which is used to increase its tensile strength, while the reverse side of leather does not have this layer of textile. This identification is the most simple and practical method< (3) smell and smell leather with good quality generally has no peculiar smell. All genuine leather has the smell of leather. 1f there is a pungent peculiar smell, it may be due to poor treatment in the leather making process and excessive use of certain chemical raw materials< 4. 1gnite the smell of leather ignited is similar to that of hair ignited, and there is no pimple after burning, which can be ground by fingers; When the leather is ignited, it gives off a pungent smell and forms pimples after burning

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