how to easily identify the true and false of activated carbon mask

Activated carbon mask has the powerful function of absorbing harmful gas, dust and toxic gas, which is the most popular mask type in the market. However, there are also a lot of fake activated carbon masks. Such fake products only dye the surface and have no adsorption effect

the real activated carbon is the activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers after carbonization and activation at high temperature, which is not easy to melt and disappear even at high temperature

identification method: cut open the activated carbon mask you used, take out the black activated carbon layer, rub it down by hand, check whether there are black granular objects falling, and burn it with a lighter. 1f there are no residual activated carbon particles or activated carbon fibers, it means that you have purchased a forgery without adsorption effect before

the main functions of activated carbon mask are as follows:

1. The main function of activated carbon is active adsorption, so it has better function of anti-virus and deodorization; 1f a layer of melt blown filter is added to the mask, the effect of bacteria filtration and dust suppression can be achieved

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