How to eliminate electrostatic disaster in gas station?

Electrostatic disaster is caused under certain conditions. The conditions of explosion and combustion caused by electrostatic as fire source can be summarized into four points: 12. The static electricity can accumulate and reach the static voltage enough to cause spark discharge; 3. There is explosive mixture around the ESD; 4. The spark energy of electrostatic discharge reaches the minimum ignition energy of explosive mixture

it can be seen from the formation conditions of electrostatic disasters that there are four basic ways to eliminate electrostatic disasters in gas stations

reduce the generation of static electricity. The measures to reduce the electrostatic charge in gas stations are as follows: the oil inlet pipe of oil tank should extend to 0.2 m from the bottom of the tank, splash unloading is strictly prohibited, and reasonable unloading head should be selected; 1n the process, the elbow and valve should be reduced as much as possible to shorten the distance of oil pipeline; Prevent impurities and moisture in the oil; Control the speed of unloading and refueling

prevent the accumulation of static electricity and accelerate the leakage of static charge. The main measures to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in gas stations are grounding and bridging of oil tanks, oil pipelines, gas dispensers and other equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use plastic barrels to fill light oil

prevent electrostatic spark discharge caused by high electric field. The oil tank truck can only receive and unload the oil after the specified standing time. The oil tank can not be manually measured and detected immediately after receiving the oil, so as to prevent the formation of high electric field. 1t is strictly forbidden for operators to take off their clothes in oil filling, oil unloading and oil tank areas

prevent the existence of explosive gas mixture. Reduce the concentration of combustible gas in explosion dangerous places, such as preventing oil running, emitting, dripping and leaking; Closed oil unloading and oil gas recovery system are adopted to reduce the concentration of oil vapor

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