How to escape and save oneself in flood disaster

First of all, we should prepare for the flood. Pay attention to watch and listen to the weather forecast, especially the flood warning. When the weather forecast continuously reports rainstorm or heavy rain, residents living in low-lying areas of river valleys and areas along rivers and lakes should be especially vigilant so as to take appropriate measures in time. Necessary items, such as food, warm clothes, rain gear, lighters or matches, flashlights, etc., should be prepared, bottled water, mobile phones and commonly used drugs should be prepared and properly placed. 1f the water level rises rapidly and there is a possibility of flood at any time, a large board or wood should be prepared, or a raft or bamboo raft should be made for emergency evacuation

secondly, it is necessary to choose the evacuation route and relocation location. 1f the flood comes, we should follow the pre selected evacuation route, evacuate the areas easily flooded by the flood as soon as possible, and transfer our family members, poultry, livestock and property to a safe area. Before you leave your home, you should turn off the gas valve and the electric switch. The valuables you can’t take away should be packed and put in places that are not easy to be washed away by the flood. Also pay attention to close the doors and windows, so as to avoid the loss of property drifting with the water. 1f you are driving, quickly move the car to a higher position to prevent flooding

if the flood comes rapidly and there is no time to evacuate, we must try our best to keep calm, do not panic, and flee to high places as soon as possible to wait for rescue. 1n case of being swept away by the flood, try to catch the floating objects as much as possible. 1f there is nothing to catch, don’t panic. Try to take the supine position, let the mouth and nose come out of the water, inhale deeply and exhale slightly, so that the body floats on the water, waiting for the rescue opportunity. When floating in water, you should pay attention to avoid being bitten by poisonous snakes or insects, and avoid being shocked by fallen wires

finally, during the flood disaster, the living environment and living facilities have been seriously damaged, the living conditions and living conditions of the residents in the disaster area are poor, all kinds of drinking water sources and food are very easy to be polluted or have been polluted, and the food is prone to mildew in the hot and humid environment. 1n this case, residents in the disaster area are very prone to food poisoning, heatstroke, diarrhea, dysentery and other intestinal infectious diseases, “rotten feet”, skin ulcers and other skin diseases, as well as malaria, Japanese encephalitis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, leptospirosis, schistosomiasis, red eye disease and so on. 1f we do not pay attention to strengthen prevention and control, it is very likely that there will be an outbreak of infectious diseases after the disaster, which will make things worse and seriously affect the lives and health of the people in the disaster area. Therefore, we should pay attention to disease prevention and take various effective measures to ensure that there is no major epidemic after the disaster

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