How to fasten the safety buckle of “Spider Man” without license

As the weather gets hotter, more and more people buy air conditioners. 1n the process of installation, spidermans hanging outside the high wall are often conspicuous. 1n recent years, more and more people install air-conditioning, anti-theft net and clean the glass curtain wall. Accidents caused by work at height are also frequently reported. What is working at height? How to ensure the safety of workers working at height

without a helmet, there was no protective net outside the window. Master Wang tied the safety rope to his waist, turned it out of the window on the 18th floor and climbed to the platform on the side of the external wall on the 19th floor. The workers in the room tied the other end of the rope to the outside machine of the air conditioner and handed it out… Two hours, tens of meters high, an air conditioner. After the installation, the company paid a total of 75 yuan to master Wang and the workers

this is the scene of a family installing air conditioning in Tongzhou District of Beijing recently” 1’m scared and numb. ” Speaking of the scene at that time, the head of the household, Mr. Hu, described it like this

it’s a common practice to turn in and out of the window by just one rope

Master Wang is less than 30 years old and has been engaged in air conditioning installation in Beijing for nearly five years. On weekdays, he installs five or six air conditioners a day on average, but in summer he is even busier. 1t’s a common practice to turn in and out of the window by just one rope

“the company has bought 600000 yuan life insurance for them. 1 check the safety rope every day. 1f it is worn, it can be replaced free of charge at any time, and the company will force it to be replaced every year. ” Master Wang thinks that this is already very good

“however, the safety protection measures are obviously not enough, such as safety helmet and protective net…” facing the reporter’s doubts, Master Wang asked, “do you still want to drive a crane? That’s impossible. Even if you want to use the hanging basket, you have to rent it yourself. However, if it is suspended from the top of the building, the company will not let us take such a job. “

according to master Wang, in his company, new people have to receive training when they first enter the company. Now, the company holds meetings twice a week. First of all, safety is emphasized. But he also admitted that there are problems in the supervision work. The boy who worked with him just turned 18″ When he first started installing air conditioning, he was not an adult Master Wang said

improper safety measures and frequent operation accidents

Master Wang’s experience is not uncommon in China

Xiao Shifu, a sales shop of anti-theft net in Haikou, has been engaged in the installation of anti-theft net for 11 years” From the age of 16 to now, 1 have seen many safety accidents of working at heights. ” Mr. Xiao said that only workers with more than five or six years of experience in their shop would be sent to work in high-rise buildings, while ordinary apprentices would only work in low-rise buildings or do simple jobs such as pulling ropes and handing tools

according to master Xiao, the installation of anti-theft net has the lowest risk factor in all high altitude operations. “The most dangerous thing is the installation of air conditioning, which is very difficult to load alone. Some of them have to be installed in places with more than 20 floors high.”. The workers in master Xiao’s shop didn’t buy personal insurance, and the most commonly used security equipment was the safety rope tied to them

Master Chen, who has worked as an air-conditioning installation worker in Wuhan for more than six years, is a “guerrilla”. Generally, he will work with another fellow townsman to install air-conditioning

in the hot and humid summer of Wuhan, master Chen made the most money. Last year, he was the busiest day and installed 8 sets from morning to night. Drilling, installation, commissioning and other work are suspended in midair. He must carefully check the safety helmet and safety rope before each installation. Mr. Chen said that he had seen a lot of news about installers falling from buildings before, which made him more careful

however, these precautions can not prevent accidents. According to media reports, due to improper safety measures, in January this year, two workers on Yan’an west road in Shanghai accidentally fell and died while cleaning glass from a height. 1n February this year, a man in Nanjing City accidentally fell from a height of more than 10 meters while installing a billboard and was seriously injured< Sun Haitao, a citizen of Dongguan, Guangdong Province, who was once a "Spider Man", told reporters that many people engaged in high-altitude work, without a clear company, do "guerrilla" odd jobs. These people without any professional training, by one or two slightly knowledgeable people, through oral instruction or simple sign into the industry" Without a clear department or organization to supervise them, there are huge potential safety hazards in the work of these people. " Sun Haitao said in the interview, the reporter also found that these people who are engaged in work at height do not really understand the nature of their work. The national “classification of work at height” stipulates: “all work at height which is more than 2m (including 2m) from the datum plane of falling height and is likely to fall is called work at height.” A person in charge of the training and Education Department of the publicity and Education Office of the State Administration of work safety said that there are two types of work at heights. One is climbing and erecting, including construction sites, oil and infrastructure construction; One is high installation and maintenance, such as building decoration, cleaning, etc according to the person in charge, in order to obtain the qualification of working at height, it is necessary to participate in the training organized by the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the assessment outline formulated by the General Administration of work safety. Only by passing the training examination and obtaining the “special operation certificate”, can we participate in the work as professional high-altitude workers. The reporter learned that no matter Master Wang, master Xiao or master Chen, they have never heard of the relevant examination, let alone the employment qualification certificate< 1n addition, Li Jianfei, a law professor at Renmin University of China, told reporters that due to the special work content of work at height, such employees not only enjoy the same labor security as the labor law, but also have to be provided with professional security by the employer. For example, workers working at heights must be equipped with professional work shoes, safety belts and tooling, and they are not allowed to go out for work in bad weather lack of safety awareness, experts call for strengthening supervision lack of safety production awareness, improper safety measures and unreasonable construction scheme, all these factors lead to the occurrence of accidents at height to a certain extent. 1n this regard, Hao Qian, associate professor of China University of political science and law, said that the practice of some formal enterprises is worth learning< According to Chen Jianghua, chief engineer of the first branch of transmission construction company of Jiangsu power transmission and transformation company, the electric power department, which needs to work at heights for a long time, will be specially equipped with safety protection devices suitable for different environments, such as vertical self-locking device, safety rope, speed difference protector, etc. At the same time, different safety measures will be taken according to different situations, and perfect construction scheme and strict implementation process will be formulated. And the most important thing is to carry out strict training and assessment for the employees working at height and obtain the corresponding qualification certificate according to the introduction of the personnel who have long participated in the front-line work at height, most of the known accidents are caused by non-compliance with safety regulations. 1n addition, there are also objective reasons such as weather change and tool aging, but in the final analysis, it is still caused by insufficient safety preparation and non-compliance with regulations< 1n view of this conclusion, Hao Qian suggested that employees should enhance their safety awareness, participate in relevant training, have a good understanding of the employer's protection measures and plans, and refuse to work when necessary. The employer should organize necessary training, provide corresponding protective equipment and measures, and establish safety production responsibility system in addition, experts say that with the growth of the number of people working at height and the increase of the amount of work, the safety risk of this group has been deteriorating. As the main body of supervision, the relevant departments should clarify the scope of responsibility, delimit the responsibility and obligation, increase the punishment, and ensure the life safety and personal interests of the employees working at height as much as possible

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