how to handle the license of safety helmet?

1. When an enterprise obtains a production license for special labor protection articles for safety helmets, it shall meet the following conditions:

1. 1t has a business license and its business scope covers the declared products

2 have professional and technical personnel suitable for the products

3 there are production conditions and inspection means suitable for the products

4 technical documents and process documents corresponding to the products

5 have a sound and effective quality management system and responsibility system

6 the products meet the requirements of relevant national standards, industry standards and the protection of human health and personal and property safety

7 enterprises that produce three wastes, such as painting and rubber refining, should submit the environmental protection compliance certificate issued by the environmental protection department at or above the county level, the environmental protection acceptance approval for the completion of the construction project or the copy of the pollutant discharge permit, etc2. Production license procedure of safety helmet special labor protection articles

1. Application and acceptance

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