How to identify the anti radiation effect of maternity clothing

radiation protection during pregnancy is the concern of every expectant mother, and radiation protection maternity clothing has become the necessary equipment for expectant mothers. How do you identify the anti radiation effect of maternity clothing? 1s it right to test the shielding effect of radiation protective clothing by wrapping the mobile phone

can anti radiation maternity clothes really prevent radiation

the vast majority of consumers use mobile phones to test the anti radiation effect of anti radiation clothing, and each manufacturer does not guarantee that there will be no signal if the mobile phone is wrapped in the introduction of radiation knowledge on its website. Why does this happen

from the perspective of consumers, mobile phone testing is the most intuitive and the lowest cost testing method, and the anti radiation products on the market can indeed cover the mobile phone without signal in most cases. The power of word-of-mouth makes most people believe that the products that cover the mobile phone signal are better than those that can’t, which is actually a kind of misunderstanding. Many people think that since the electromagnetic shielding clothing is used to shield electromagnetic waves, it can shield the mobile phone signal. 1f it can’t be shielded, the effect is certainly poor. This view is not entirely right

whether there is a signal surrounding the mobile phone is closely related to the location of the mobile phone, the frequency band of the mobile phone network and the sensitivity of the mobile phone itself. 1f the mobile phone is far away from the base station, the frequency band of the mobile phone is interfered greatly (the interference degree of CDMA will be less than that of GSM), the sensitivity of the mobile phone itself is low, and the probability of no signal in the mobile phone is relatively high, otherwise the probability is small. 1n particular, the last point is the sensitivity of mobile phones. Theoretically speaking, the sensitivity of mobile phones can be very high. With the development of science and technology, it can even be infinitely high. 1n this way, as long as there is a little signal, new high-end mobile phones emerge in endlessly. Therefore, no anti radiation manufacturer can guarantee that any mobile phone has no signal under any circumstances

secondly, the signal of mobile phones is good or bad. As far as we know, the reason why mobile phones can receive signals everywhere is that signal converters (amplifiers) are installed on some tall buildings, so we can use mobile phones to talk everywhere. That is to say, the signal of mobile phones is strong near the signal converters (amplifiers), The signal is not good far away from the signal converter (amplifier) of mobile phone

therefore, it is wrong and unscientific to use a mobile phone to test whether a call is connected to identify whether the shielding effectiveness of radiation protection is strong. Especially in some large shopping malls and office buildings, because of the structure of those buildings, all the mobile phone signals inside are very poor, so the mobile phone signal enhancement equipment is installed at the top of the building, so in these large shopping malls, the test can not reflect whether there is shielding effectiveness

consumers blindly pursue the anti radiation products with no signal for mobile phones, which will make some bad manufacturers exploit the loopholes. Some manufacturers will design anti radiation products specially for mobile phones, such as adding elements harmful to human body into metal fibers to improve the shielding effect of mobile phone signals. At present, we know that some businesses use coarse metal fibers with high chromium content to weave clothes, which can completely shield mobile phone signals, However, the effect of this kind of anti radiation maternity clothing on computers, televisions and other commonly used electrical appliances with radiation is reduced, which can be said to have no effect. 1n addition, the irregular weaving of metal fibers in the textile process will produce new electromagnetic waves to interfere with the original electromagnetic waves when the irregular metal fibers encounter electromagnetic waves, Thus, the interference degree to the working frequency of the mobile phone is temporarily improved, so that the mobile phone is more likely not to receive the signal. 1n fact, more mobile phone signals are transformed into other messy radiation. Moreover, the irregular weaving method is easy to make the anti radiation cloth loose, which is not conducive to ensuring the anti radiation effect for a long time

in addition, electromagnetic wave has both near-field and far-field radiation, which is mainly distinguished by the wavelength radius of electromagnetic wave, and the near-field radiation is the most harmful to human body. Take the mobile phone as an example, the mobile phone itself emits electromagnetic waves, and the mobile phone signal base station also emits electromagnetic waves, but the human body and the mobile phone are basically in “zero distance contact” and receive the near-field radiation, which is the most harmful; The distance between the human body and the mobile phone base station is generally more than 20 meters. What the human body receives is only far field radiation, and the radiation intensity meets the national standard, which basically does no harm to the human body. The shielding of mobile phone signal is to shield the far field radiation from mobile phone base station, which is of little significance

radiation protective clothing can effectively shield the near-field radiation and far-field radiation. 1n some places, mobile phones can still be connected for the following reasons:

1. Mobile phones have the function of actively searching for signals, and different mobile phones have different abilities. 1n the same place, different mobile phone tests, the results may be different

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