How to identify the vamp material of safety shoes

With the development of society, the types of work are increasing. There are many types of work that need to use special labor protection articles, and safety shoes are one of the special labor protection articles. Therefore, there are many enterprises producing safety shoes on the market, and the types of safety shoes are also increasing, but there are great differences in quality. For safety shoes, the upper material of safety shoes is very important, which plays an important role in protecting feet. So how should we choose safety shoes? Let’s talk about it for you today

1. A lot of safety shoes use cow leather as the upper material, and cow leather has obvious irregular patterns and natural pores, cold resistance and folding resistance, good ventilation and perspiration performance; But some of them stick artificial surface layer on the loose meat surface fiber layer of the lower layer of natural leather. 1ts pattern is very similar to that of real leather, but it has no pores and feels hard, but it has good waterproof performance

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