How to improve the strength and competitiveness of safety shoes (labor protection shoes) enterprises?

Strategic thinking + contribution management = an unavoidable way for enterprises to improve

strategic thinking must grasp the key factors and give consideration to the secondary cooperation process, and contribution management is not only the business performance of the realization of enterprise interests. Because the simple strategic design will only bring risk or less effective improvement behavior, the innovation of ideas is relative, will bring peer imitation, eventually some ideas will enter the traditional or conservative level, but the safety shoes enterprise competition is absolute, as long as the enterprise, it is inevitable to compete, strategic thinking is actually a kind of thinking in motion

safety shoes are light industrial products. The advantages of cost operation and low-tech industry make product strategy one of the key factors for shoe enterprise owners to think about first. However, it is difficult for many bosses to talk about business philosophy and corporate culture from the perspective of strategy! They think that the marketing of safety shoes enterprises is very primitive, simple and basic, but it is not so simple to succeed in this simple thing. Why? Because of the characteristics of low-cost operation in the early years, many safety shoes business owners did not have a high level of thinking, and their competition only stayed in the low-level tactics of homogenization. The author thinks that the safety shoes enterprises should make use of the relevant factors of the marketing mix of the shoes industry from the strategic height, and gradually strengthen their ability to adapt to the market and follow up the industry

it is often said by people in the industry that the competition in the safety shoes industry can not succeed only by one or two key factors. However, the author believes that it is a fact that the competition of comprehensive elements can compare the competitiveness of safety shoes enterprises, but strategic thinking must first grasp a key factor that adapts to the development of their own enterprises, Combined with other relatively minor links to set off, interact and balance, the leading position of the industry can be achieved. Therefore, the formation of the so-called comprehensive transport capacity is only a supplementary process of other factors under the success of key factors

next, let’s talk about contribution management. Management Master Drucker thinks that paying attention to contribution is the key to effectiveness. He also believes that if an organization can only maintain today’s vision, advantages and achievements, it will lose its adaptability

if management doesn’t make a contribution, it’s an invalid operation. 1n this era, there are many enterprises chatting about “management”. Absolutely few of them can make a contribution to management. Why does this result happen? The apparent reason seems to be the low efficiency of the enterprise. 1n fact, the source of the conclusion is the boss himself. The boss is the investor and the ultimate undertaker of business risks. But the boss often mistakenly treats interests as contributions. 1n fact, enterprise contributions and enterprise interests are two completely different concepts. Enterprise contributions are the benefits created by the organization for the enterprise and society, 1t is a long-term behavior to realize the overall interests of the enterprise, including the contribution to consumers and channel members, as well as the contribution to the society, while the enterprise interests are only the individual investment return behavior, including the realization of the interests goals of the enterprise boss, shareholders, family members, etc., which is a short-term behavior. As an extension of strategic thinking, contribution management is an effective management process that does not depart from strategic thinking. 1t brings the source power of sustainable development to enterprises, and is also one of the unavoidable elements of enterprise upgrading

in a word, in the competitive stage of industry transformation, strategic thinking + contribution management = an inevitable promotion way for safety shoes enterprises! 1ts significance lies in emphasizing the management mentality that enterprises must have in the period of industry transformation

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