How to prepare for German a + a labor insurance exhibition in 2019 from industry 4.0

From German industry 4.0 to work 4.0 system, the occupational health and safety supervision of workers promotes the rapid growth of labor protection products in the world; Under this background, German a + a labor insurance exhibition is becoming more and more popular. For German a + a labor insurance exhibition in 2019, experienced exhibitors do as follows:

as we all know, Germany first put forward the concept of industry 4.0 eight years ago; At the same time, a supporting work 4.0 system was introduced

industry 4.0 is all about interconnection – “machine to machine” – and even intelligent division and cooperation across companies; Manufacturing industry under 4.0 becomes flexible and self-learning. The machine organizes the production process independently. The algorithm interacts with the algorithm of the business partner. The core of industry 4.0 is people. Employees at work can directly communicate with machines, improve processes and work hand in hand with robots. Compared with the past, people cooperate more closely with technology. Work has become more diverse and creative. Participants need more high skill and high level qualification< 1n order to make the company suitable for "work 4.0", the working conditions must be correct. After all, with more complex tasks, motivation and personal responsibility become more important. As the supply of skilled workers dwindles, workers' health is twice as important as before. However, according to the WS1 work committee survey, when asked about the major work challenges in the next few years, nearly three-quarters of staff representatives raised the need for reasonable staffing under the new 4.0 change, labor safety protection becomes more and more important! How to protect the life safety and health of workers in the production process? The quality of labor protection articles is directly related to the health and life safety of workers! These have created a huge market demand for labor safety protection products according to the survey report of market research institutions matrixinsign and Grandview, the global market scale of labor protection products has reached 38.4 billion US dollars in 2015, including 13.4 billion US dollars in the EU market. The North American market is 11.1 billion US dollars. 1t is estimated that the global market scale of PPE will reach 55 billion US dollars in 2020, and the total market share of North America and EU will exceed 70%< The global labor protection products market has been growing in recent years thanks to the increasingly strict occupational health and safety supervision of employers, the improvement of workers' health and legal awareness, and the continuous expansion of surrounding technical equipment. On the platform of eBay, PPE is one of the fastest growing categories in the world, and has maintained rapid growth for many years. At present, on the eBay platform, one professional labor protection product is sold every 4 seconds; Every 6 seconds, sell 1 pair of labor protection gloves; 1 piece of tooling or protective clothing is sold every 7 seconds; 1 pair of safety shoes sold every 15 seconds. EBay's most popular labor protection products in Germany: 1. Protective clothing for construction industry

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