how to prevent noise deafness?

Noise widely exists in the production and working environment. 1t can cause harm to many systems of human body, such as nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, digestive system, etc., but the main and specific damage is in the auditory organs

Noise deafness is one of the common occupational diseases. 1t refers to a kind of progressive sensorineural hearing impairment caused by long-term exposure to productive noise during work. The pathogenic factors of occupational noise deafness include the intensity, time, frequency and spectrum of noise exposure, individual sensitivity and length of service< The main measures to prevent noise deafness are as follows: 12. Occupational health examination: the workers working in the noise environment were given employment physical examination, and the hearing records were established in the occupational files; The workers exposed to noise should also have regular physical examination, so as to find out the noise sensitive and early hearing impairment in time 3. Strengthen personal hearing protection measures, and wear corresponding personal hearing protection equipment when working in noise environment, such as sound proof earplug, earmuff or sound proof cap, etc(Source: Tianjin Center for Disease Control and prevention)

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