How to prevent pneumoconiosis in Enterprises

Pneumoconiosis is a kind of occupational disease which seriously endangers the health of workers. The key to control and reduce pneumoconiosis is prevention. China not only stipulates the allowable concentration of dust in the air of production places, but also promulgates a series of policies, decrees and methods to prevent dust hazards. Over the years, our country has summed up the eight character measures of “revolution”, “water”, “density”, “wind”, “protection”, “management”, “education” and “inspection”, which have been used to prevent pneumoconiosis and achieved good results

“leather” refers to the technological innovation and transformation of the production process

“water” means wet operation

“dense” is a closed dust source

“wind” is ventilation and dust removal

“protection” is to do a good job in personal protection

“management” is to establish dust-proof rules and regulations for the maintenance and management of dust-proof equipment

“education” is to strengthen publicity and education, so that operators can consciously abide by the relevant pneumoconiosis prevention system

“check” refers to regular dust measurement, health examination and evaluation< (1) improve the production process and dust-proof equipment: 1. mechanized, automatic and remote control production. This is a good way to reduce the amount of physical labor, labor intensity and the amount of direct breathing or dust inhalation, and also an effective measure to reduce dust exposure. 1n automation, such as the use of automatic scale, automatic loading and unloading machine, automatic lifting device

5. 1mprove the process. Adopt new technology, new process and new equipment of dust-free and low dust. For example, increasing the air pressure of rock drilling can increase the impact force during rock drilling, so the perforation speed is very high, and the broken rock will be discharged before it can be crushed again. This kind of large particle mineral dust is less harmful to human body than the powder fine particle mineral dust< (2) timely maintenance and repair of dust-proof equipment to prevent dust deposition in the workshop after the dust producing equipment is sealed, the bearing is easy to fail due to dust invasion. 1n addition, some dust has high friction, and the closed pipe and dust cover are easy to be worn out. Therefore, timely maintenance is very important, so as to maintain the dust-proof effect of efficient and stable operation. The dust deposition can be prevented by cleaning the roadway and workshop< (3) adjust working hours adjusting the working hours includes shortening the working hours, shortening the time of daily exposure to dust, or adjusting the working hours of workers to work in the period of less dust generation. For example, underground blasting in a mine can be carried out after work, while workers work in a three person working face the next day; Sand blasting, polishing and other processes of foundry are separately arranged at night< (4) strengthen personal protection, and pay attention to dust problems in living places such as workers' dormitory and canteen< (5) enhance the body's resistance to diseases< (1) strengthen nutrition and make rational use of health allowance< (2) pay attention to the prevention of cold, bronchitis and tuberculosis. These diseases will make the whole body resistance of workers decline, especially tuberculosis will make the development of silicosis, so we should do a good job in the prevention of tuberculosis 3. increase the sun and light exposure. This method can enhance the immunity of workers. Because the ultraviolet ray can promote the new and old, increase the body’s resistance. But before irradiation, we must pay attention to the contraindications of sun and lamp irradiation 4. ensure a quiet and comfortable sleep 5. regularly work away from dust and rotate the type of work. Some people think that the lung has the function of self purification when the dust inhalation stops. Then the sick workers transferred to dust-free working environment, not only plays a preventive role, but also plays a therapeutic role to a certain extent 6. Do light physical labor and sports activities properly, and do radio gymnastics and breathing gymnastics every day< (6) we should strengthen the industry management and establish strict health supervision and environmental monitoring system; Establish and improve the dust prevention organization, including the evaluation of dust prevention measures< (7) do a good job in pre employment and regular physical examination, take chest films regularly, and follow up workers who have been out of dust regularly< (8) pay attention to the contraindications of employment. For example, those with upper respiratory tract diseases, bronchial and pulmonary diseases, especially those with pulmonary tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases, are not allowed to engage in silica dust operations our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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