how to protect ourselves in the face of haze? 1t’s best to wear a mask when going out

at 1:00 yesterday, the reporter found from the official website of Zhejiang provincial environmental protection department that the real-time air quality index of Shaoxing was 158, which belonged to moderate pollution, and the PM2.5 real-time index was 120

standing in the office on the fourth floor of the newspaper office, the reporter looked out of the window and saw that the scenery of guazhu lake not far away was not as clear as before, but gray, and could not see clearly. For the sake of health, the reporter temporarily interrupted the habit of taking a walk in the park in the afternoon. 1nstead, he hid in the office and looked forward to: when will the haze pass

the bad weather has really brought a lot of trouble to Keqiao people< The reporter contacted the experts from Shaoxing Central Hospital and Keqiao District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and learned that there are many patients in the respiratory department recently. There are often long lines outside the consulting room, men and women, old and young, coughing constantly. From time to time, we can see some people wearing masks in the face of “haze”, what should we do. What to eat, what to drink, what to pay attention to when going out… SUN Wuming, a respiratory doctor in Shaoxing Central Hospital, observed that winter is the high incidence season of respiratory diseases. Coupled with the haze, there are many respiratory patients in clinic and in hospital recently, especially those with chronic bronchitis, pneumonia and cold “there is a process of haze damage to human body, but it has become a cause of recurrence and aggravation of many respiratory diseases, so once there is haze, many people can’t stand it.” But the people most affected by the haze are the elderly and children, Sun said. Children due to organ dysfunction, especially respiratory system, so haze easily lead to airway inflammation. The function of the organs of the elderly is declining, the function of the respiratory system is also weakened, and they are also vulnerable to the invasion of haze according to Chen Shenghai, director of respiratory department of Keqiao District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the recent bad weather has really hurt Keqiao people. Because there are too many sick people, all the beds in the respiratory department are full it’s better to wear a mask when going out the reporter learned that in the haze weather, some harmful particles will be inhaled in the respiratory tract first, which is a stimulation to people’s upper respiratory tract. Some original chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, COPD and chronic tracheitis in the past, will aggravate the disease< At the same time, the harm of haze weather to human body is far more than respiratory tract. The composition of haze is very complex, including hundreds of kinds of particles. Among them, aerosol particles with diameter less than 10 microns affect human health, which may cause rhinitis, conjunctivitis, viral cold and even fever how to protect yourself in such weather it’s on the 1nternet – you should clean your nostrils when you come back from going out; When you get home, you never take your coat into the bedroom. You have to brush it before you go in. To these, the expert thinks to have certain help commonly however, they generally believe that the haze is serious and they should avoid going out as much as possible; Be sure to go out and remember to wear professional protective masks “PM2.5 refers to fine particles, and its terrible feature is that it directly enters the lung. So wearing a mask is the most direct and effective way. ” Sun Wuming and Chen Shenghai have a very clear attitude, Hu Huiliang, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in Keqiao District Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said: on weekends, you can choose to “go to the mountains and the countryside” to a place with fresh air. You’d better wear a mask to protect yourself when you go out; Can eat some white fruits and vegetables, Houttuynia cordata; Drink more boiled water and urinate more. These are all reliable prescriptions he thinks

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