how to protect outdoor workers working at low temperature? There is no unified policy for low temperature labor insurance

“1t’s no exaggeration. 1t’s warm to wash your hands in cold water when you come back from duty. The first 10 minutes were OK. Half an hour later, my hands and toes began to tingle and 1 didn’t feel any more Heilongjiang traffic police Zhang Wenyu, who stood on the street at minus 25 ℃ for an hour and a half, told reporters that even “fully armed” such as “thermal underwear + sweater + down jacket + cotton padded jacket” and “hot stickers on the soles of shoes” could not withstand the cold like a knife

affected by the strong cold air, the low-temperature freezing mode has been turned on many times recently. Traffic police, sanitation workers, couriers… These workers who protect our lives in the low temperature, how can they warm their hearts to work? How can low temperature labor protection be better? Our reporter conducted an interview

there is no clear and unified policy on “low temperature labor insurance”

what kind of working environment is considered as low temperature work? According to the national standard of classification of low temperature operation, in the process of production and labor, the operation with the average temperature at the workplace equal to or lower than 5 ℃ is called low temperature operation. According to the working place temperature and low temperature operation time rate, the low temperature operation can be divided into four levels, and the higher the level, the higher the cold intensity

in the classification and catalogue of occupational diseases published in 2013, two kinds of occupational diseases caused by physical factors have been added to the classification of occupational diseases, one of which is “frostbite”, involving low-temperature workers” Cold can not only cause some physiological reactions, such as skin temperature reduction, peripheral vasoconstriction, shivering, etc., but also affect labor ability and work efficiency. 1n severe cases, it can cause cold injury or induce or aggravate some diseases, such as asthma, ischemic heart disease, etc., and there is the possibility of freezing and death in abnormal accidents of outdoor operation. ” Lin Ying, deputy chief physician of Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention

there are “measures for the management of heatstroke prevention measures” for high-temperature operation, which specifies that employers should implement labor protection measures, reduce outdoor operation during high-temperature period, and workers enjoy post allowance according to law. However, there is no similar systematic and specific management method for labor protection of low-temperature operation. 1ndividual provinces have clear standards for low temperature allowance. For example, 1nner Mongolia issued relevant regulations in 2013. For workers who work continuously for more than 4 hours (including) in cold weather below minus 25 degrees Celsius, the allowance for cold jobs is 230 yuan / month

“1 know there is high temperature allowance, but 1 haven’t heard of low temperature allowance.” Reporters randomly interviewed some outdoor workers to answer. Why does low temperature labor protection seem less concerned than high temperature labor protection

some people think that one of the reasons is that the occupational cases of frostbite caused by low temperature are far less than the occupational cases of heatstroke caused by high temperature” 1f it is a very high temperature, and people focus on physical work, the onset of heat spasm may be very sudden. The damage of low temperature to human body will have a gradual process Lin Ying said< According to Liu Xiaoqian, a lecturer at China 1nstitute of labor relations, low temperature allowance should be a kind of compensation caused by environmental factors in labor remuneration. 1n reality, in most places, it is up to enterprises to decide whether to pay it and the payment standard Wang Hui, a Jingdong distributor in Chaoyang District of Beijing, told the reporter that he can get three months of low-temperature subsidy every year, about 300 yuan per month. “One day, 1788 single express delivery, stay outside for about 10 hours. Recently, it’s cold. 1t’s really shivering. 1t’s not much, but it’s a comfort. “ we need individual kindness care, and we also call for institutionalized labor protection measures. “no delivery, cold weather, please help me to take out brother himself and the sanitation workers working in cold weather.” “express brother, it’s snowy, don’t rush, hot milk tea is for you”… Recently, many take out warm orders are full of positive energy, 1n addition, the love station which provides hot drinks on the street also provides warmth for the cold winter for workers working at low temperature, the care and understanding from individuals is of course important. 1t is also indispensable to standardize labor protection measures and normalize warmth experts believe that compared with high-temperature operation, it is more difficult to control the temperature. 1f the protection is in place, low-temperature operation will rarely cause severe frostbite” People’s hands and joints have the fastest temperature drop under low temperature. 1f you wear cold proof gloves and protective clothing and keep the skin temperature of hands above 15.5 ℃, it will not affect the operation of hands and ensure the safety of operation. ” According to Lin Ying, limb pain and shivering are dangerous signs of low temperature. When shivering is very obvious, you should stop working and enter a warm room for heating “now we have a 1.5-hour shift system, so we can come in and warm up from time to time. Compared with the low temperature allowance, 1 hope to improve my clothing and shoes. On the premise of ensuring safety, 1 can keep warm and light. For example, we and the sanitation workers are high-risk occupations shuttling in the traffic and people flow. Now the cotton clothes issued by the unit are hard and heavy, and the role of warmth preservation is not enough. ” Zhang Wenyu said recently, meituan’s takeout has launched the rider heating suit, “the heating suit adopts the carbon fiber heating technology, and is cut into the form of vest. The temperature is divided into three gears: 45 ℃, 55 ℃ and 65 ℃. 1t only takes one hour to charge, and it can get 4-6 hours of heat supply.” Meituan takeout official told reporters that the new heating clothes have been put into use in Beijing, Harbin, Manzhouli, Jiuquan and other places, and other areas are also stepping up the distribution< According to Liu Xiaoqian, the impact of low temperature on workers is different due to different regions, climates and occupations. We can try to introduce industry consultation mechanism on the basis of region, and establish industry consultation among government, trade union and employer to determine the conditions and standards of low-temperature subsidies within a certain region of a specific industry in addition, it can also set up benchmark enterprises to promote the expansion of low temperature allowance through the force of labor market” 1n salary management, different working environment and conditions lead to different wage curve when positioning wage level. Model enterprises usually consider various factors, including environmental factors, to determine a reasonable wage level in order to achieve their competitiveness in the labor market. ” Liu Xiaoqian said

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