How to protect the new spider man working at height

1 pass xinyijia downstairs in the morning when 1 go to work. The once popular supermarket is now changing its gate for other purposes. Several workers with safety ropes are cleaning the glass when they suddenly think of Spiderman, who can spin silk in case of crisis. 1n the new era, Spiderman still needs to be equipped with tools to ensure the safety of aerial work

more and more glass curtain walls are beautifying buildings and pleasing to the eye, but they also have more or less disadvantages. “Light pollution” is a new word. This kind of shiny curtain wall is harmful not only to people, but also to birds. Some of the birds in and out of the glass or the sky in the case of a head hit the wall and died of anecdotes have been repeatedly exposed. Then, of course, there is the problem of cleaning. There is a lot of light in high-rise buildings, but the dust that comes and goes freely goes everywhere. 1t is not easy to thoroughly clean the huge building curtain wall

with the continuous improvement of protective tools, some powerful cleaning companies began to launch the external wall cleaning service. As the external wall cleaning is a kind of high-altitude cleaning, which is a very dangerous cleaning and cleaning project, the external wall cleaning should not only make the cleaning materials clean and tidy, but also ensure the safety of high-altitude cleaning construction personnel. This requires the construction personnel of the cleaning company to have a very rich practical operation experience of high-altitude cleaning, and have a good management team and excellent safety protection measures

in the new era, we protect “Spider Man”

according to the investigation of China labor protection website, now some cleaning companies are equipped with special tools. After the exploration of experience, we often use a sitting type lifting rope cleaning method:

1. Lifting rope (aerial work rope, scientific name nylon rope, diameter is 18 mm, tensile force is about 240000 Newton or two and a half tons)

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