how to protect welders when working at height?

Wear of protective equipment

1. The use of electric welding machine must wear protective equipment according to the regulations, including: dust and gas mask or mask, insulating shoes, welder’s work clothes, glasses or mask with special filter lens

7. 1n places with fire and explosion hazards, welding operations are generally not allowed, and the equipment that needs to be repaired should be disassembled and moved to a safe place for repair. When welding in these places, the fire system should be strictly implemented. 1t is required to keep enough safety distance between the welding site and the inflammable and explosive workshop, warehouse, oil depot, gas holder, stacking, etc., and keep away from the inflammable and explosive devices, equipment and pipelines

8. The construction of key projects and key parts should be supervised by special personnel. When arc welding is carried out in key projects and key parts, scientific and reasonable safety measures shall be taken, the technical scheme shall be feasible, and special personnel shall be assigned to take care of and guide the construction, and fire-fighting equipment shall be prepared to ensure safe construction

9. After the completion of construction work, the fire should be eliminated immediately, the work site should be cleaned thoroughly, and the monitoring should be carried out for a period of time. 1f there is no problem, the work site should be left without dead corner

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