How to reduce dust in coal mine

1n November 2013, 1 visited customers in Shanxi, and the number of coal mines far exceeded my imagination. However, with the development of the coal industry, dust pollution is more serious. Engaged in coal mining and coal production, will produce a lot of coal dust, in this environment, workers exposed to coal dust for a long time, will cause pneumoconiosis, coal lung and other occupational diseases. And good personal respiratory protection, wearing dust masks or dust masks will effectively protect the occurrence of pneumoconiosis

dust mainly includes coal dust and rock dust. Coal dust is mainly produced in the process of coal crushing, loading, unloading and storage caused by mechanical excavation during coal mining. Rock dust is mainly produced in the process of rock roadway excavation. There are natural factors and technical factors in coal mine dust production, but “prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control” must be adopted for dust

then in coal mines, try to reduce the generation of dust, prevent the dust in the air from depositing faster, and collect and clean it intensively. 1n order to reduce the dust, the comprehensive dust prevention measures of sprinkling can be adopted in the main dust sources and dust gathering points such as coal mining face, loading, unloading, transfer point and transportation roadway

What are the specific ways to reduce dust

1. Ventilation and dust prevention: it is an effective measure to dilute and remove the suspended dust in the workplace and prevent excessive accumulation. There should be a reasonable wind speed, control the wind speed within the range allowed by the regulations, and try to be close to the optimal dust removal wind speed (the minimum dust removal wind speed is 0.25-0.5m/s, and the optimal dust removal wind speed is 0.5-2.0m/s). Reasonable air volume, so that the air volume to meet the demand of each wind location at the same time, try to reduce the wind speed2. Washing roadway wall, cleaning and whitewashing roadway: the design requires that the roadway within 30m from the working face should be washed before and after blasting. When washing, the roadway side, top, bottom and roadway support should be washed clean, and the water pressure is generally 300-400kpa. The underground roadway is cleaned and brushed regularly, and the dust deposited in the roadway is transported out

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