How to sell glasses?

Nowadays, glasses sales, in a new round of consumer concept, is not only selling a product to protect eyesight, but also other accessories of integrated consumption – Jewelry combination, fashion embellishment, leisure fashion, health essential. Due to the improvement of people’s economic level and the rise of consumption level, the glasses sales market is developing continuously

with the increasing sales market of glasses, there are naturally more and more businesses. 1n order to have a cake to eat, the operators of glasses sales have to keep up with the pace of market changes, see the trend of the market, and change according to the situation. Today’s glasses sales not only sell products, but also sell functions, experience, service and brand

when customers buy glasses, they will have their own reasons. For example, they buy sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays and show their personality; The reason why we buy a space film is that it is light and strong; Progressive films are purchased for convenience, beauty, etc. 1n the daily sales work, the salesperson can summarize and extract the key sales elements of the commodity through the following process, sort out the common phrases in the sales promotion, and practice repeatedly to improve continuously< 1. Select effective projects from multiple feature elements strengthen the theme, highlight no more than three selling points, provide positive or negative display, and clearly explain the selling points with facts. Case: the three selling points of the universe film: light, impact resistance and UV protection2. Consider the specific explanation method when expressing the selling point of goods, start with the current situation of consumers, and choose different explanation methods according to different consumption psychology. Case study: when customers wear glass lenses, they should start from whether the heavy glasses will cause nasal imprint 3. Using demonstration props to experience sales it is important to create obvious sensory stimulation and consumers’ active participation. Customers’ buying, wearing and aftertaste habits are consistent, and the experience of goods and technology is embedded in brand products. Case: wanlilu progressive film: using progressive film test rack to let customers experience the benefits of progressive film 4. Trial and complete the promotion process trial test can be conducted among salesmen 5. Easy and flexible use, practice makes perfect China labor insurance net

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