How to solve the five difficult problems of enterprise procurement?

“1t’s hard to purchase, it’s hard to reach the sky”! Enterprise purchasers deal with quotations every day, and inevitably encounter such problems as “no matter how to talk about the price”, “quality problems of supplier delivery”, “late delivery” and so on. 1n fact, the procurement problem not only plagues the procurement department, but also is a big problem faced by enterprises, because procurement is very important for every enterprise< When purchasing, enterprises often face the following problems: 1. 1t is difficult to maintain the supplier data for the internal indirect purchasing, enterprises often rely on their own system data, analyze the historical expenditure data, and combine with the current demand plan to centralize the whole company’s purchasing demand to the purchasing department for overall arrangement. This requires purchasing staff to maintain a large-scale supplier database. On the other hand, the data of suppliers often can’t be updated in time, even some suppliers can’t supply several times a year and sleep all the year round< Large group enterprises often have their own purchasing centers, but even so, they have to face the irregular purchasing applications from all branches across the country, which often can not effectively control the purchasing cost. As a result, the demand and supply can not reach the same unity, which makes it difficult to control the procurement cost 3. 1t is difficult to communicate between the buyer and the seller the efficiency of communication between the buyer and the seller will directly affect the procurement results. 1n the face of suppliers, the way of communication is often limited to mail, telephone, communication efficiency is low and there is no effective record< 4. 1nformation is not transparent and price comparison is difficult it is difficult for enterprises to exchange information with the outside world, and the business information is not transparent, which makes enterprises unable to fully understand the supply market of senior suppliers, and unable to conduct price comparison and cost analysis with external suppliers< 5. 1t's difficult to select the suppliers. there are many suppliers with different quality, so it’s difficult to evaluate and select the suppliers. The existing model can’t optimize the supplier resource pool well then the problem comes, how should enterprises deal with these five procurement problems the answer is: choose a good platform e-commerce platform can reduce the transaction cost of both parties through fair and transparent transaction mechanism, so that people can buy anything they want anytime and anywhere. Similarly, the platform is also changing the way of transaction between enterprises nowadays, compared with traditional procurement channels, online procurement platform has the advantage of being clear at a glance. 1t can provide a platform with transparent price, pure process purification, open process and systematization for enterprise procurement. Consumers can purchase around the clock and across regions. The prices of products on the platform are clearly marked, and the commodity parameters, technical indicators and application scope are all transparent and open of course, in the process of purchasing, enterprise purchasing personnel will integrate the needs of the same field of similarity, and try their best to find suppliers with larger coverage and more service content. Take the air ticket service providers in the service field as an example: the air ticket agents on the street corner can provide air ticket services, but the one-stop travel service providers such as Ctrip and C1TS express can not only provide air ticket reservation services, but also provide hotel reservation, train ticket, pick-up and ground transportation services. At the same time, their services cover the whole country, 1t is possible to further purchase and integrate different types of travel needs in addition to the service field, there are also many e-commerce platforms for centralized procurement in the MRO field of industrial products. 1n recent years, MRO industrial products e-commerce platforms represented by gu’anjie, Xiyu Electromechanical, Huanan city network and Zhenkun behavior have risen in China. As a rising star, Huanan city network industrial products MRO mall makes full use of the offline resources of Huanan city group and its own accumulated experience in the industrial e-commerce industry, the advantage of JD cloud technology development and the safe and stable transaction settlement system of Ping’an bank, For the majority of industrial products buyers to provide one-stop intelligent centralized purchasing services the improvement of service scope and service level of e-commerce platform is actually to help enterprises concentrate internal demand in a larger scope and reduce procurement costs. MRO mall of industrial products of South China city network believes that every enterprise can find the right purchasing platform and suit the right medicine for its own purchasing pain points. Of course, we will innovate the enterprise indirect procurement process through platform advantages, help enterprises adapt to the change of procurement trend, and go further in the future journey

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