How to take safety measures against falling from high altitude

Safety measures for preventing falling from high altitude

when working at high altitude, it is necessary to take safety protection measures. These protection objects are usually operators and objects transported at high altitude, and the safety protection measures should be arranged in combination with working conditions

with the rapid development of the real estate market, high-rise buildings have sprung up, which are inseparable from the blood and sweat of construction workers. 1n recent years, there are many High-altitude Falling Accidents in the process of construction site, with high frequency and high mortality. How to effectively prevent the construction workers from falling accidents in work is the primary task of the construction group

based on our analysis, it is concluded that the cause of falling accidents is that the construction workers do not wear fall arresters when working at height, which leads to the failure to save lives in time when the accidents occur; Of course, this and some construction companies do not pay attention to production safety and in order to save costs. As a professional company engaged in safety protection for many years, we suggest that we pay attention to safety production, respond to the call of the state, and truly achieve people-oriented

in the construction of high-rise buildings, it is not only necessary to build some protective nets to ensure the personal safety of construction workers, but also to protect the safety of people and objects on the ground. The combination of the protective net and the anti falling device can effectively prevent the falling objects from hitting the ground personnel and preventing them from falling from the high air, so wearing the anti falling device can add double protective clothing to the safety

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