How to test the friction performance of antistatic clothing?

Anti static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabric. The fabric of antistatic clothing is made of special polyester filament, warp or weft embedded conductive fiber. 1t has the characteristics of high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear weave. The special sewing machine is used in the production process of anti-static clothing, which can effectively reduce the generation of particles. The dust-free buckle belt avoids the environment pollution caused by hair falling. Next, how to test the friction performance of anti-static clothing? Let me introduce you

different styles are provided according to the level requirements, and the conductive fiber is used to sew, so that the electrical continuity of each part of the clothing can be maintained; The special double-layer structure of the sleeves and trousers, with conductive or antistatic rib in the inner layer, can meet the requirements of high-level dust-free environment

anti static clothing is a kind of special clothing made of special anti-static clean fabric, which has excellent and lasting anti-static and dust-proof function, and can effectively release human static charge. At present, it has been widely used in microelectronics, optoelectronics, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, cosmetics, petrochemical industry, military industry and other industries, which are sensitive to electrostatic dust and require high cleanliness< First, the principle of using roller drying device to simulate the friction and electrification of anti-static clothing< 1. Put the anti-static clothing sample into the friction device under the simulated wearing state (button or zipper)

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