how to transform yeezy sports shoes into Anti haze masks?

Wang Zhijun, a well-known designer in Beijing, transformed a pair of yeezy 350 boost V2 sports shoes into a sports shoe mask to fight against the recent haze in Beijing. Xiao Bian’s heart is too painful to breathe. 1n fact, the mask is not only made of sports shoes, but also the material of the coat. 1n this respect, Wang Zhijun is really very careful

a Chinese designer is dismissing valuable pairs of snakes and reinterpreting them as smog masks in a big to stack pollution in China.

a Chinese designer disassembles expensive sports shoes and refits them into haze masks to deal with China’s air pollution problem

His most hyped creation to date was crafted from a pair of Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, a rare pair that shoe obsessives have been known to snap up for a colossal $10,000. The Beijing-based creative, Zhijun Wang, First begin experimenting with re aiming sneakers back in 2014 when the former marathon runner notices the air was not clean.

so far, his most famous work is a pair of yeezy boost 350 v2s sneakers, which is worth as much as $10000, and is a limited edition that many shoe enthusiasts rush to buy. Wang Zhijun, a Beijinger, found that the air in Beijing was a bit dirty when he took part in the marathon in 2014, so he began to transform and reuse his sports shoes, and since then began his journey to transform his masks

it might be the first piece of yellow mask with filtering function in the world.

maybe this is the first yeezy mask with filtering function in the world

most Chinese cities wear masks as a result of extreme pollution but destroy this, there is a serious lack of fashionable masks on the market< As a result, he challenged himself to create face gear that was both functional and stylish for his first creation, he used a panel from a Nike jacket combined with a Nike flyknit Racer solo shoe, but his next was exclusively crafted from a sneaker. his first work was made from a Nike jacket and a Nike fly line running shoe, but his second work was made entirely from a sneaker< Since then, he has gone on to create around twenty unique masks all made from collectable footwear and fitted with 3M filters the most popular of which was crafted from two halves of yeezys orange and grey primeknit uppers with the signature sply 350 branding visible on either side. one of the most popular masks is the use of two-and-a-half pieces of yeezys orange and grey knitted uppers, The iconic “sply350” brand is clearly visible on both sides< The special edition mask drew an impressive big of more than $5000 on eBay China< Zhijun Wang is clear that China still has a long way to go when it comes to bringing the game between fashion and environmental consciousness, but his trend twist on the ubiquitous face mask is certainly full a much needed dialogue, China has a long way to go. However, his creative transformation of ordinary masks is bound to promote the necessary dialogue between them from 2014 to 2016, he worked with Nike, Adidas, Puma and new balance to make many beautiful masks English source: the independent Translation: Wang Huan editor: Yaning

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