How to treat the hidden danger as an accident

“Treat the hidden danger as an accident” — as a new appeal to strengthen the prevention in advance, it is increasingly recognized by governments at all levels, enterprises, media and even the whole society. The famous theory of “Heine’s law” and “Murphy’s law” in the field of production safety tells us time and time again that if hidden dangers are not removed, accidents are inevitable. Looking at all kinds of serious accidents in recent years, it is not easy to escape the blame for people’s psychological and behavioral violations. The thinking of taking chances for a moment and the violation of rules and regulations to save trouble often lead to unimaginable harmful consequences. 1n the final analysis, in the practical safety management practice, it is necessary to establish the safety management thinking of thinking of danger in times of peace and taking precautions

as for the government, it is necessary to change the fixed thinking of focusing on macro management in the past, focus on the regulatory characteristics and economic operation situation of each period, make good use of surprise inspection methods such as “four no two direct” and “secret investigation”, go deep into the grass-roots front line to understand the production and operation status of enterprises and the overall development characteristics of the industry, and combine all kinds of authoritative information it has, To issue all kinds of guiding opinions or suggestions on work safety that are suitable for the characteristics of production and business units; At the same time, we should pay attention to the practical utility of the hidden danger investigation and treatment system at all levels, implement the hidden danger treatment commitment and illegal behavior publicity and other measures, and realize the standardized guidance and legal supervision

as an enterprise, it is necessary to establish the concept of “safety is the greatest benefit” in accordance with the law, establish “human, financial and material” investment and control measures on the basis of fully implementing the main responsibility of safety production, and take the implementation of the whole process of hidden danger investigation as the key link to enhance the initiative and effectiveness of hidden danger investigation and governance; 1n addition, around the relevant accident cases inside and outside the enterprise and the industry, we should establish a set of self inspection, self correction and governance standards suitable for our own characteristics. Through a series of self analysis, we should make clear the weak links of our own management, and put forward specific improvement measures, so as to promote the safety and scientific development of the enterprise

as a media, it should be based on the function of supervision and guidance of public opinion, and actively advocate the basic strategy of safety development. 1t should not only seize the highlights of the governance of hidden dangers in various units, create a positive public opinion momentum, but also criticize the illegal acts of ignoring safety and allowing hidden dangers. We should not only focus on the causes of all kinds of hidden dangers and accidents, carry out the interpretation and analysis of safety common sense and safety knowledge series by “things”, but also establish the public opinion interaction with the audience, enterprises and the government, and spread the concept of safety production based on prevention, so as to increase the initiative and consciousness of the whole society to participate in the work of safety production supervision

to eliminate today’s hidden dangers is to ensure the safety of tomorrow and put an end to the accidents the day after tomorrow. Economic development and social progress are inseparable from the support of safe and stable environment, the sincere participation of social members, and the real establishment of preventive thinking

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