How to use and maintain the automatic darkening welding mask

How to use and maintain the automatic darkening welding mask.
The automatic darkening welding mask is different from ordinary welding masks. It uses solar energy or batteries to provide power. It can change the color of the lens at the moment of strong light. It can block most of the harmful light outside. Ultraviolet rays have a good protective effect.

How to use the automatic darkening welding mask:
1. Remove the protective film before and after the lens of the mask.
2. Adjust the headband according to the individual’s head shape and comfort. The method is to adjust the adjustment button on the headband or the adjustment hole of the headband.
3. After installing the battery, adjusting and testing the product, it can be used normally.
4. During welding operation, adjust the shading number knob according to the welding current and the welding method to select the appropriate shading number.

Automatic darkening welding mask maintenance:
¢ÙAfter stopping the welding operation, do not place the welding mask under strong light, because this will keep the mask in working condition.
¢Ú During use, if the lens glass is dirty, Xiaohui recommends to wipe the frame box with a paper towel or a clean cotton cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of detergent until the stain is removed. Do not directly pour the detergent on the frame box and wipe it. Do not wipe with highly corrosive chemicals.
¢ÛDo not immerse the lens case (ADF) in water or other liquids.
¢Ü The wiping media of welding mask and headband are neutral detergent.
¢Ý When the PC anti-protection sheet of the welding mask window is affected by welding slag, it is recommended to replace it immediately.
¢Þ There are sweat strips on the headband on the forehead, which is the most sweaty place and should be washed regularly.

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