How to use personal protective equipment to reduce the damage of noise to human body

The use of personal protective equipment can prevent or slow down the damage of noise to the human body, protect the ear from excessive stimulation, and prevent the occurrence of various diseases

when the noise source and transmission route are not or are not easy to control, and the noise is high, personal protection must be carried out. Continuous working in high noise environment for a long time, especially personal protection. Commonly used personal protective devices include earplugs, sound proof cotton, earmuffs and helmets

1. earplug

is usually made of soft rubber (neoprene), soft plastic (PVC resin), foam plastics and silicone rubber. There are mainly cylindrical shape and umbrella shape. According to the size of the human ear canal, there are three types: large, medium and small

the earplug has good sound insulation effect on medium and high frequency noise, but poor sound insulation effect on low frequency noise. 1f you wear suitable earplugs, the noise of medium and high frequency can be reduced by 20-30db. 1n the high-frequency noise environment, it can achieve satisfactory noise reduction effect, and has little effect on normal conversation

earplugs are cheap, economical and durable, compact and portable. However, due to the different ear canal, the general cooperation is not ideal, often feel uncomfortable after wearing, and even cause ear swelling and ear canal pain2. Sound proof cotton

the diameter of sound proof cotton is 1-3 mm μ The ultra-fine glass wool is made by chemical softening treatment. When in use, tear off a small piece, roll it into a cone shape by hand and put it into the ear. The sound insulation effect of sound proof cotton is better than that of ordinary cotton, and the sound insulation value increases with the increase of noise frequency, which is more effective for isolating high-frequency noise. 1n the workshop with strong high frequency noise, the use of this kind of anti noise cotton not only does not hinder the language contact, but also improves the language clarity

3. ear muff

ear muff is made of outer shell (made of hard plastic, hard rubber and metal plate), sealed washer (multi brush soft foam plastic outer color PVC film), bow rack and lining sound absorbing material. Br / >
the average sound insulation of earmuffs is generally 15-25DB. The sound insulation of high-frequency display can reach 30dB and that of low-frequency display can reach 12dB. 1t is mainly used to protect the strong gun pulse noise, the aerodynamic noise produced by aero-engine, rock drill, internal combustion engine and other power machinery, as well as the mechanical noise of various pneumatic tools, riveting, stamping, cold working, etc

earmuffs are bulky and inconvenient to wear, especially in high-temperature jobs and hot seasons< There are two kinds of anti noise helmets: soft anti noise helmets and hard anti noise helmets. The soft noise proof cap is mainly composed of artificial leather cap and earmuff. 1t can prevent hearing loss, and has the function of shockproof, trauma proof and cold proof for human head the hard helmet is mainly composed of a shell (made of glass fiber reinforced plastic) lined with sound-absorbing materials and earmuffs. 1t can prevent the strong noise from passing through the air conduction and skull to the inner ear, and the damage of shock wave to hearing and head due to the heavy weight of the helmet, the wearer often feels uncomfortable, especially in high temperature operation and hot weather. The light one feels muggy and sweating easily, and the heavy one often causes dizziness and dizziness 5. The protective clothing is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic or aluminum plate, lined with soft porous sound-absorbing material. 1t is often used to prevent the damage of high intensity noise above 140dB to human internal organs China labor insurance net

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