how to wear anti-static clothes for fashion

For many friends who love beauty, anti-static clothing is no special work clothes, no type. 1n particular, some beautiful girls feel that the anti-static work clothes can not highlight their temperament and personal style, and sometimes affect their work enthusiasm, and feel that the work content is very boring. 1n fact, in the work of diligent appearance is the most beautiful, even the one-piece anti-static overalls, if we skillfully match, can also wear a moving temperament

although the anti-static work clothes we wear in the production workshop are not as elegant as the white-collar workers who wear suits, on the other hand, the anti-static work clothes are also a symbol of wisdom and high technology, which is a unique beauty out of the ordinary, so we should also wear our own personality beauty when we wear anti-static clothes

1. Don’t match the lining with bright clothes, the shirt and white collar in the overalls are the best match

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