Huafeng super fiber: a leading enterprise of Qidong new materials

As a leading enterprise of Qidong new materials, the company’s product exhibition hall of Huafeng super fiber has a wide range of super fiber materials, from high-speed rail, motor car and automobile interior materials, military equipment materials, high-end sports goods to labor protection shoes and clothing materials, which makes the reporter’s eyes bright. The total investment of Huafeng super fiber project is 10 billion yuan. 1n the first phase of the project, 11 production lines have entered the trial production stage, and the taxable sales reached 422 million yuan in 2016. The total investment of the second phase project under implementation is 5 billion yuan. 1t is planned to build 210000 square meters of new plant, 10 new non-woven fabric production lines and 20 water-based super fiber production lines. After the project is completed and put into operation, the annual sales of the enterprise is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan

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