Huayu products have passed the quality system certification of international authoritative testing agency CE

Huayu people always make unremitting efforts to improve product quality and establish a sound product quality management system. Master Jack Welch said: “quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty”, and quality is the foundation of enterprise survival

we follow the requirements of CE in product design, raw material selection and process flow, and implement process management in place to ensure that customers at home and abroad can experience the consistent product quality of Huayu

nowadays, Huayu products have passed the testing certification of celab, an 1talian authoritative testing agency, with the inspection standard of 1SO 20345:2004 and the product testing category of S3, including toe protection, anti puncture, anti-static, waterproof and other functions

in addition to the above functions, S3 products also require that the lining should be wear-resistant and sweat absorbing, the insole should be breathable and sweat absorbing, and the sole should have physical properties such as wear-resistant, shockproof, skid proof and oil proof. The above functions should meet the requirements of relevant regulations, and the shoe materials should meet the environmental protection standards of the European Union. Category S3 is the highest category in 1SO 20345:2004

through our long-term and in-depth contact with celab, we have greatly improved the company’s system construction and management philosophy. Achievements are only in the past, and persistence is the long-term guarantee for enterprise development

we promise that Huayu will always provide customers with products of international quality

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