Hubei Academy of fine arts color mask

Examination questions also play a new trick, social hot spots do not fall. This is not true. Recently, Hubei Academy of fine arts, one of the eight major Academy of Fine Arts in qingshidian, started the examination. Candidates said that a gas mask in the color question baffled many candidates. Although it’s still life sketching, many examinees find it a little tricky because they haven’t painted a lot before. However, the afternoon’s sketch problem was the same as the morning’s color sketch content, which the examinee said was unexpected

at 11 a.m., the reporter came to Qingdao No.6 middle school. At this time from the end of the examination time and half an hour, but the door has been out of many candidates” Generally speaking, it’s not very difficult, but the gas mask is a bit tricky. ” Kong Yan, an art examinee from Jining, said that the color of the morning was a military green messenger bag, a small tin can, a gas mask and a piece of white paper in the background. Kong Yan said that schoolbags and tins are often painted, but gas masks are not painted

“there are more bottles and cans to draw, so it’s really the first time to draw gas masks.” Xiao Li, an examinee from Qingdao No.6 middle school, said that he didn’t know how to deal with the color when painting gas masks because he didn’t practice at ordinary times. Shi Nan, another candidate, said it was not difficult. She said that the color theme is still life sketch, and the gas mask is placed on the table. As long as you master the lines and skills, you can draw according to the shape

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