Hubei checks mask prices

our news (reporter Gong Ping, correspondent Shen Jia) the day before yesterday, haze weather occurred in our city, which caused some pharmacies’ masks out of stock. 1n response to the unexpected abnormal situation in the market, the provincial Price Bureau, together with the urban price bureau, inspected the supply and marketing of respirators, activated carbon and air cleaners in nearly 60 hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets in the city. 1n view of the situation that a few drugstores took the opportunity to raise prices, the price department stopped them in time and ordered them to return to the level before the price increase

the prices of masks in hospitals and most pharmacies are stable, and a few pharmacies take the opportunity to increase their prices. Taking 10 disposable masks as an example, a pharmacy in guoguohu increased from 5 yuan to 10 yuan; A pharmacy on Donghu West Road and a pharmacy on Zisha road increased from 5 yuan to 6 yuan. Supermarket activated carbon, air cleaner and other protective equipment sales were basically flat

the provincial and municipal price departments jointly took emergency measures, requiring supermarkets and pharmacies not to raise prices in any form or under any excuse; They are required to actively apply to the headquarters for an appropriate increase in the allocation of goods sources to ensure the supply of goods in Wuhan city

the provincial Price Bureau reminds that if enterprises such as hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets are found to have illegal behaviors such as hoarding protective products such as masks, activated carbon and air cleaners, bidding up prices and colluding in price increases, they can call 12358 to report to the price authorities

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