Huibao Huibao standard is about to come out

with the development of economy, in recent years, the industry of pregnant women’s clothing has made great progress, and the pregnant women’s clothing industry has also grown with the new enterprises joining in. However, some new enterprises only see the prospect of the market without long-term industry accumulation, and many follow the trend in the industry, Product R & D efforts and brand building are far from enough, pregnancy clothing industry needs independent innovation and pragmatic sustainable development of enterprises. 1n the early development of pregnant women’s clothing industry, it also encountered the development bottleneck – lack of industry standards, low public awareness rate of brand. Take in recent years is very concerned about radiation pregnant women’s wear, there is such a situation

at present, there are no national standards for these so-called anti radiation maternity wear in the market. 1t is precisely because of the lack of relevant measurement standards that the relevant departments can not detect and supervise their protection performance

Huibao Huibao related sales staff told reporters that the impact of radiation from mobile phones and other products on the body is not very big, and there is no scientific basis to prove the shielding effectiveness of clothing by using anti radiation pregnant women’s clothing and wrapping mobile phones. 1n addition, although people wear anti radiation clothing, our head and hands are not protected, and it doesn’t play much role

some experts pointed out that at present, anti radiation maternity products are flying all over the world, with good and bad quality mixed. As there is no anti radiation certification standard in China at present, some enterprises with no strength are producing anti radiation maternity products one after another. Some non pregnant women’s clothing enterprises are starting to make anti radiation clothing for pregnant women. What is quite embarrassing is that China has not yet issued a unified industry standard for anti radiation clothing for pregnant women, which leads to consumers’ confusion in choosing products. For example, experts say that it is very popular for consumers to use mobile phones to check whether the fabrics are radiation proof when buying maternity clothes, but this method is not scientific, because radiation is a very complex concept, including nuclear radiation, X-ray radiation, electromagnetic radiation and so on, and the electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones is only one of many kinds of radiation. For example, when some brands claim to have anti radiation performance, they often use mobile phone test to demonstrate the effect to customers, but this way can not represent their real anti radiation performance. At present, domestic first-line brands such as Huibao Huibao no longer use mobile phone as radiation source for anti radiation detection, and clearly inform customers on the product label, 1t is unscientific to use mobile phones to test radiation protection performance. The frequency range of electromagnetic field is very wide, from the power frequency (50 Hz / 60 Hz) to the microwave band, and the role of communication is very different, so the impact on human health is also very different, so the introduction of technical standards for pregnant women is particularly important. Pregnant women’s clothing in design, need to consider more than the general fashion design process, in the fabric selection is more strict, how to achieve a complete unity in functionality and comfort, fashion, is what some enterprises need to consider. 1n this regard, Huibao Huibao, the founder of maternity wear in China, is a good example. As the first maternity wear brand in China, Huibao has been continuously carrying out technological innovation and product upgrading since the beginning of the brand. 1t has introduced fashion concept into the design of maternity wear in China for the first time, and has spent a lot of money on the development of radiation proof functional maternity wear, 1t makes the brand of Huibao become the favor of the post-80s mummy in pursuit of fashion and health, and become the preferred brand in consumers’ purchase. The development of maternity wear industry in China is inseparable from the joint efforts of each brand. How to provide the most quality products and services for the majority of consumers is the key to brand building< Huibao Huibao is working closely with China Textile 1ndustry Association to formulate standards. as the first maternity wear brand in China, Huibao Huibao has witnessed the development of domestic maternity wear from scratch and from small to large. 1n the continuous development of the enterprise itself, as a leading brand in the industry, Huibao is also actively contributing to the scientific and sustainable development of the industry. 1t is gratifying that recently, Huibao Huibao is cooperating with more than 60 radiation protection experts, scholars and relevant persons in charge of the industry and China Textile 1ndustry Association to actively promote the standardization of national functional textiles, The purpose is to study and develop industry standards for functional textiles< According to sun, director of science and Technology Department of China Textile 1ndustry Association, China's functional textiles have a certain scale, relatively complete varieties, increasingly perfect functions and relatively stable development. However, there are still some deficiencies in the functional evaluation methods and standards of some functional textiles “the premise is that a range of functional textile standards must be defined, which essentially depends on the functionality of the product. 1ts functions can be divided into three categories: taking function (such as comfort and aesthetic feeling), protective function and health care function. ” Feng Yin, head of Huibao Huibao brand, pointed out. As a well-known member of the causal Brothers Group in China, he has a deeper understanding of the standard formulation of functional maternity wear. He proposed to add a low-carbon standard for maternity wear to this standard. The addition of this standard has been unanimously praised by experts and relevant national associations, and is known as “Huibao standard”, This also corresponds to the low-carbon economy advocated by the Copenhagen climate conference, which just ended at the end of last year. At present, the standard setting work is advancing in an orderly way

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