Huizhou starts the battle against ozone pollution

During the “11” golden week, most of Huizhou has sunny weather, and “Huizhou blue” has become the pride of people’s screen brushing circle of friends again. However, in September, the air environment in Huizhou City was slightly polluted for four days, and the culprit was ozone

“the ozone in Huizhou is at a low level in the Pearl River Delta, but it has become the primary air pollutant in the city.” The person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that the environmental protection department has repeatedly organized expert consultation to analyze the causes of ozone pollution. 1n the future, it will carry out mechanism research, formulate long-term prevention and control measures, and start the battle of ozone pollution prevention and control< At 15:35 on September 28, the highest temperature in Henan Olympic stadium was 39.1 degrees. People felt the heat at the same time, 27, 28, Huizhou air quality due to excessive ozone appeared two days of light pollution “the ozone pollution in Huizhou mainly occurs in the sunny and high temperature weather from June to September, most of which are light pollution, and the harm to human body is relatively small.” According to the person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the total number of days of ambient air exceeding the standard in Huizhou in 2016 was 12 days, of which ozone exceeded the standard for 10 days (8 days of mild pollution and 2 days of moderate pollution), accounting for 83.3% of the total, and ozone has become the primary pollutant causing air pollution< At present, ozone high value areas are mainly located in the core area of the Pearl River Delta, namely Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and Zhaoqing. 1n 2016, the average ozone concentration in Huizhou was 133 micrograms per cubic meter, which was 11.9% lower than the average level of the Pearl River Delta and lower than the national secondary standard (160 micrograms per cubic meter). Previously, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized many expert consultations to analyze the causes of ozone pollution, and reached the preliminary conclusion that ozone is a world problem, the formation mechanism is very complex, and the control is difficult, so it is necessary to carry out mechanism research and formulate long-term prevention and control countermeasures. At the same time, the ozone pollution is very regional. On the 27th and 28th, all cities in the Pearl River Delta exceeded the standard. 1n addition to the influence of local emission sources, the transmission of external sources is also an influencing factor in Huizhou. Especially when the westerly wind blows, the external pollution sources are easy to push up the ozone peak value and aggravate the pollution degree the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, together with the county and district governments and municipal departments, actively launched the early warning of light pollution weather control and took countermeasures. A total of 1285 people were dispatched to inspect 166 industrial enterprises, 329 construction sites and 104 open-air burning sites. 17 cases of dust violations were handled, 5 construction sites were ordered to stop work, 5 industrial enterprises were ordered to rectify, 21 open-air barbecue stalls were cleared, and 3 open-air burning sites were stopped. Some VOCs emission enterprises with inadequate waste gas collection and treatment were required to stop production for rectification, 1n addition, the operation of sprinkling and dust reduction should be strengthened in key road sections reduce outdoor activities from 12:00 to 15:00 to avoid exposure to ozone ozone (O3), also known as superoxide, is named for its fishy odor. The ozone we are exposed to in our daily life is mainly divided into two categories: ozone layer and near surface ozone. The ozone layer can absorb most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and protect the organisms from harmful ultraviolet rays. 1t is the “protective umbrella” of the earth’s organisms. When the concentration of ozone near the ground reaches a high level, it is easy to stimulate and damage the deep suction tract because of its strong irritation, and it will damage the central nervous system, causing certain harm to human body and plants “ozone pollution mostly occurs in summer and autumn when the light is strong and the temperature is high, and its impact on visibility is completely different from PM2.5. Sometimes when the weather is clear, the ozone has exceeded the standard.” According to the person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, ozone has strong oxidizability, so it is difficult for ordinary people to detect ozone pollution, but excessive ozone will damage the respiratory tract and central nervous system ozone treatment is a long-term process. 1s there any way to avoid ozone damage in people’s daily life” Ozone is mainly gaseous. Wearing a mask can not effectively protect it. The best way is to avoid contact. ” The person in charge reminded that the high value of ozone is generally from 12:00 to 15:00 noon when the light is strong, and the ozone concentration in the room is far lower than that in the outside. During this period, outdoor activities should be reduced and stay indoors as far as possible. Far away from the side of the road, decoration pollution and other places. Children, the elderly and other sensitive groups, try not to go out in the sun the Environmental Protection Department urged the whole people to participate in the prevention and control of ozone pollution according to the data, ozone is a secondary pollutant, which mostly comes from automobile exhaust, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted from industrial production, and photochemical reaction occurs under the effect of light “compared with PM2.5, the causes of ozone pollution are more complex, and the prevention and control of ozone pollution is more difficult.” The person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that previously, the environmental protection department successively formulated the letter on establishing the linkage mechanism of air quality assurance under adverse meteorological conditions and the work plan of Huizhou City to deal with the polluted weather, continuously improving the working mechanism of dealing with the polluted weather. The person in charge disclosed that at present, the environmental protection department has entrusted scientific research institutions to carry out ozone mechanism and control countermeasures research, clarify the formation mechanism and laws of Huizhou ozone, seek accurate control countermeasures, scientifically solve the problem of excessive ozone, and establish a long-term prevention and control mechanism. We will vigorously carry out VOCs emission control, implement “one enterprise, one policy” for key enterprises, promote the implementation of leakage detection and maintenance (LDAR) system in petrochemical industry, and promote the use of water-based paint in automobile repair, container manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and other industries in view of the problem of vehicle pollution emissions, Huizhou will study and take measures to effectively control the growth of new cars and focus on controlling the licensing of foreign cars in Huizhou, such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. We will completely eliminate the yellow label cars, and strive to eliminate 4128 yellow label cars in the city by the end of the year. At the same time, accelerate the promotion of the use of new energy vehicles, promote the use of electric vehicles, new buses and taxis require the use of pure electric vehicles, and completely eliminate diesel buses “everyone is responsible for protecting the environment, and ordinary citizens also need to actively participate in the prevention and control work.” The person in charge said that the public can start from the following aspects: first, green travel to reduce vehicle VOCs and NOx emissions; Second, use environmental protection coating and glue, insist on green consumption and purchase environmental protection products; Third, boycott open-air barbecue and report air pollution behaviors such as lampblack pollution and dust pollution. These small details of life can provide strong support for the prevention and control of ozone pollution the environmental protection department also urged all production enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities and obligations. Petrochemical, furniture, printing, shoemaking and spraying industrial enterprises are the key industries of VOCs emission in Huizhou. 1t is necessary to strengthen the collection and treatment of organic waste gas to ensure that the emission meets the standard. When ozone pollution occurs, peak shifting production should be implemented; The construction unit should strictly implement the dust control measures, strengthen water spraying to suppress dust, stop outdoor spraying operation and stop using high emission equipment such as hammering pile foundation in case of ozone pollution; Gas stations should strengthen the operation of oil and gas recovery equipment to reduce the emission of gasoline volatilization during refueling

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