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“Feet, need protection, need safety shoes to provide a kind of safety. However, at present, there is no requirement for shoes in the working environment of construction sites and coal mines, and some people even wear slippers to work on the construction sites. Now our country’s awareness of foot protection is not strong enough. ” Yang Chengjie, President of China leather and shoemaking industry research institute and director of national leather and shoemaking industry productivity promotion center, said at the press conference of safety shoes research center that this awareness needs to be changed and special and different safety shoes should be provided according to different occupations and environments

light and comfortable

safety shoes are fully humanized

safety shoes are the general name of safety shoes and protective shoes, which are generally used in different workplaces to protect feet and legs from foreseeable injuries. Safety protective shoes are high-tech and high value-added footwear products. The production process of safety protective shoes has high requirements for raw materials, accessories, chemicals, mechanical equipment, etc. at present, many domestic shoe-making enterprises with a certain scale and grade have turned their attention to safety protective shoes, which used to be a market area occupied by developed countries

“rubber shoes, big shoes, labor protection shoes”, when it comes to safety shoes, many people still have these old concepts in mind. However, today’s safety shoes have already got rid of the single image, and the safety shoes integrating high technology, new materials and even emphasizing functionality have been gradually recognized in the market

the reporter learned from China Leather Association that at present, safety shoes have the functions of anti smashing, anti stabbing, anti sliding, insulation, wear resistance, etc., but after these functions are realized, safety shoes are easy to become bulky and airtight. For example, most of the anti smash and anti stab safety shoes are made of Baotou Steel, so the weight is bound to increase. But at present, the development trend of safety shoes is gradually to high-tech content, to lightweight, comfortable and multifunctional development

compared with the traditional safety shoes with less than 100 yuan, the reporter once saw a safety shoe with a sales price of about 500 yuan in the market. This safety shoe adopts wear-resistant toe protection and reflective strip design, with imported leather upper, very soft and comfortable, polyamide hygroscopic lining, detachable preformed polyester EVA insole, bonded Pu middle sole with shock absorption material and rubber sole. The most important thing is that its toe cap is not the traditional Baotou steel head, but the non-metallic synthetic material to protect Baotou and puncture resistant insole, anti smashing, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, SRC grade anti-skid, puncture resistance, anti-static, heel shock absorption, wear resistance, high temperature resistance of 250 ℃ and cold resistance. This kind of shoes is not only fashionable in appearance, but also light in weight, forming a strong contrast with the traditional safety shoes< At present, this kind of advanced and high-end safety shoes is forming a trend. 1n Zhejiang, Ruian Rongguang group's safety shoes are mainly exported to Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The export of medium and high-end multi-functional safety shoes to Britain and Russia has reached 400000 pairs and 500000 pairs respectively. According to Liu Mengyu, technical director of Rongguang group's safety shoes factory, Ruian's safety shoes have successively introduced new multi-functional products such as pouring molding, cold sticking molding, rubber injection, sole sewing molding shoes, as well as anti-static, anti puncture, anti smashing, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant shoes to the market in less than three years another company, the relevant person in charge of seine group, also introduced that the company’s products are mainly exported, including anti-static products and anti smashing products, with many functions, which can be used in the construction industry, industry, oil field, electric power industry and other industries, and the style also tends to be casual and fashionable< According to the statistics of Wenzhou entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the first half of 2013, Ruian City exported 8.8845 million pairs of safety shoes, with an export value of US $104 million, a year-on-year increase of 17.41%, and the export value exceeded US $100 million for the first time. Among them, 30 export enterprises have exported to 108 countries and regions, with an average unit price of US $11.69 per pair. The export of high-grade shoes with unit price more than 20 US dollars and low-grade shoes with unit price less than 10 US dollars increased by more than 20%, and the number of enterprises producing high-grade shoes increased from 9 to 11< At present, the design and technical requirements of domestic safety shoes are gradually in line with those of foreign countries, and computerized management is adopted, which can be divided into six categories: electrical insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, anti puncture, toe protection and general protective shoes, with good performance of oil resistance, anti smashing, anti-static, anti puncture, acid and alkali resistance and insulation, 1t is divided into six safety levels sb / SBP / S1 / S1P / S2 / S3, which is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, mining, oil field, electric power and other industries new materials and new technology armed with science and technology, the workers are working in a foreign Mercedes Benz workshop wearing safety shoes imported from Wenzhou. According to the introduction, some safety shoes produced in China have long been separated from the traditional labor protection shoes, and more of them have sports, leisure and other styles. A large part of the safety shoes in high-end products are the work shoes of employees of Mercedes Benz and BMW the changing safety shoes market is infiltrating into the young labor force. These younger employees only know how to wear fashionable sports shoes when they grow up” When they enter the labor force and are required to wear steel clad boots, they will choose more sports styles or travel shoes with steel clad heads than the old-fashioned work boots. ” Manufacturers of safety shoes say younger, more fashion conscious buyers are promoting the importance of well-known brands in the market Senna group is a manufacturer of safety protective shoes in China. 1t has successfully developed a number of new products and applied for a number of safety shoes patents, such as “inflatable shoelaces”, “air conditioning shoes”, “GPS positioning measurement shoes”, “plastic safety shoes”” Safety shoes are known as the shoes with the highest technology content and the most complete functions. ” SANA brand director said that at present, SANA has successfully developed a kind of plastic which can replace steel plate. These innovations make the safety shoes lighter by 1 / 3 than the original ones, with the same compression resistance and greatly increased comfort due to the use of new technology and materials, many safety shoes are much lighter than in the past, and some of them have even reduced their weight by about 50%. Although it is generally believed that the reason why the work shoes are lighter due to the heavier ladle head is the change of insole and insole. Various types of shock absorption shoes made of synthetic materials, such as inner sole, middle sole and outer sole, as well as more mesh materials and other lighter materials on the vamp, play a role in making shoes more comfortable and lighter although more traditional safety shoes may have advantages in durability, newer shoes also have their own advantages” Old style work boots need a long time to be worn in for comfort. Now, when you buy work boots, they are extremely comfortable to wear, and you don’t need to run in for a long time. ” According to the relevant person in charge of an enterprise, the bionic superfine fiber material is used as the upper and sole materials in the production of safety shoes, and the new technology greatly makes up for the vacancy of safety shoes in this area most of the safety shoes are still in the low-end position the whole needs to be further upgraded although some safety shoes enterprises have moved towards the direction of upgrading, the reporter found that most of the safety shoes are still in the low-end position in the market Yang Chengjie, President of China leather and shoemaking industry research institute, recently introduced at the press conference of safety shoes research center that China’s safety shoes industry is still a weak industry, and there is still a considerable gap compared with developed countries. 1n response to the current domestic safety shoes market situation, Yang Chengjie said that China can produce all kinds of safety shoes, but there are still monotonous varieties, low technology content, uneven quality, and unlicensed products entering the market the reporter saw in a labor insurance store near Ding’an road in Beijing that safety shoes only have single varieties such as big shoes and rubber shoes. The owner told reporters, “the main function of the rubber shoes is insulation, for electricians to wear.” 1n terms of price, this kind of rubber shoes is more than 40 yuan. Another 70 yuan shoes, the owner said, “Baogang head, anti smash.” But the reporter weighed it with his hand. 1t’s not light, and it’s very airtight in summer the reporter learned that the price of safety shoes on the market is almost tens to hundreds of yuan, and the types of products are mainly focused on insulation, anti smashing, anti puncture and other functions, and the styles are only the old style of big shoes. The safety protective shoes of various brands produced in China are basically the same in style and function with low technology content. Most safety shoes manufacturers focus on imitation, lack of research and development, only focus on the current market, lack of long-term development planning. Few manufacturing enterprises really invest in the research and development of safety shoes with certain scientific and technological content and intellectual property rights. However, some international brand enterprises attach great importance to the functional research and development of safety protective shoes, such as high temperature resistant protective shoes, oil resistant and antiskid protective shoes, and multi-functional protective shoes suitable for field operation, which have entered the market our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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