Hunan Yongfei releases new special protective clothing

On March 25, Hunan Yongfei 2017 brand exchange meeting with the theme of “safety – service” was held in Xiangtan Panlong Villa Hotel, with nearly 200 business representatives, industry authoritative scholars and experts attending

at the meeting, Hunan Yongfei released a new series of brand products in 2017, including shielding clothing for live working, anti arc clothing, high-voltage static clothing, aluminum foil clothing, flame retardant clothing, anti splash clothing, welder clothing, anti-static clothing, acid and alkali resistant clothing, medical staff clothing, ordinary work clothes, etc

on the same day, Hunan Yongfei also signed contracts with Tianjin Shuangan Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Lanxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Linyi HengAn labor protection products Co., Ltd., Nanjing Lifu Trade Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jinchuang Power Materials Co., Ltd. and Wuhan lifengda Trade Co., Ltd. to establish strategic cooperative relations, so as to promote the health of China’s labor protection industry Rapid development, hand in hand< After the meeting, participants visited the company and had in-depth exchanges and discussions

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