Hundreds of bricks fall from the seventh floor to smash the safety helmet

Unfortunately, the workers were smashed to death

at more than 10 a.m. yesterday, during the construction of a residential building on the seventh floor of Hebin community, Longgang Town, Cangnan County, the brick crane for lifting bricks fell from the seventh floor, and along with hundreds of red bricks, it hit the worker CaO on the first floor, who died of serious injuries

the place where the incident happened is located in Hebin community, Xujiazhuang village, Longgang town. All the houses here are floor to floor houses. According to the village head, the house was purchased by Mr. Yang of Anju village in Qianku town from the villagers of the village. At that time, due to lack of funds, Mr. Yang did not carry out decoration after purchasing the house. Recently, Mr. Yang called four workers ready to start decoration, hanging brick house is the first work. On the day of the incident, the owner, Mr. Yang, was not present

because the floor is on the seventh floor, it takes time and effort to move bricks by stairs. According to the construction experience of local workers, a brick crane will be set up on the top of the building to transport red bricks. Four people work in pairs. Two people put bricks in sacks on the first floor, then lift them to the top of the building by the brick crane, and the two people upstairs carry them

according to Cao, a worker on the scene, two or three hundred pieces of red bricks could be loaded in one lift, weighing hundreds of Jin. At that time, there were only two last lifts left. While transporting the penultimate red bricks, the brick crane suddenly stopped, and then the red bricks weighing several hundred jin fell from the seventh floor together with the brick crane. At this time, two workers were standing on the first floor. When they found out the situation, they immediately ran out, but one of them was still hit because they couldn’t avoid it. Although the worker was wearing a safety helmet at that time, he was seriously injured and died because of the heavy red bricks. 1t is understood that the worker is a villager in the village, 64 years old this year

at present, the local safety supervision and other relevant departments have been involved in investigating the specific causes of the accident

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