hundreds of textile mills set off a wave of fabric price rise again

As we all know, this year’s terminal fabric market is not weak in the off-season, weaving manufacturers are in good order status, high enthusiasm to start, and there is a rigid demand for raw materials. 1n addition, the recent continuous environmental improvement has made the sales of some conventional fabrics continue to be hot, and some orders are released ahead of time. 1n this context, the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream textile enterprises is always high

at present, the off-season is not weak. What is hot is only the local market, and most of them are conventional market goods. The main reason is that under the background of large-scale renovation and elimination of the water spraying and printing and dyeing industry, the market is worried that the supply will be further short in the future, and the price will continue to rise. The current off-season is not light, part of it is in the late overdraft demand

in addition, although the macro capital level has improved, the tone of stable deleveraging has never changed. At present, PTA processing fee is at the high point after the year, which will limit the rising height in the later period, and there is not much surprise in polyester raw materials. The current “off-season is not light”, or the corresponding “peak season is not strong”

since the beginning of this year, the pressure of environmental protection has been increasing, which has a far-reaching impact on Wujiang textile industry. The water spraying, printing and dyeing, coating industries are affected to varying degrees, and with the gradual progress, the remediation policy is gradually realized…

reduce the coal consumption of chemical fiber plants

Shengze Town is a key coal consumption area in the region, accounting for nearly 70%. There are four thermal power enterprises and 54 10-35 ton coal-fired boilers in the region. The task of coal reduction is heavy and the pressure is high. According to the task of reducing 108800 tons of coal in the whole year, since this year, Shengze Town has completed the elimination and rectification of coal-fired boilers with less than 10 tons of steam, started the transformation of Yilong thermal power plant, formulated the coal reduction plan for large coal users, and focused on reducing the coal consumption of four thermal power plants and chemical fiber plants< LV Weifeng said that in the second half of the year, Shengze Town will increase the intensity of coal reduction and the supervision of large coal users, mainly the supervision of four coal-fired thermal power plants and chemical fiber enterprises, so as to ensure the implementation of the coal reduction plan in place and strive to complete the task of coal reduction throughout the year 2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year for all textile people especially in this hot July in a word, it is a fact that the off-season is not weak whether the whole textile industry chain will be more crazy in the future let’s leave time to verify

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