if you resign in advance, you have to pay for the depreciation of work clothes

Gao Zihang has been working in a chemical factory for about a year. Recently, he decided to resign, but was asked by the factory to “buy” the protective clothing he wore and other work clothes

GAO Zihang said that he signed a two-year contract with the company, and now he will resign before the contract expires, so the company is very dissatisfied with him. Gao Zihang feels that he is willing to bear the corresponding responsibility for breach of contract first, but this does not mean that he has to “buy” the work clothes he wears. He told reporters that this job involves chemicals, so the factory will issue protective clothing, masks and gloves to every employee. Now he resigns in advance, and the company says that he has worn the clothes, which is a waste. Naturally, he is required to bear the cost of depreciation. He wants to know if the company is doing the right thing

lawyer: Jia Changliang of Tianyun law firm said that Article 54 of the labor law stipulates: “employers must provide workers with labor safety and health conditions and necessary labor protection articles in line with the national regulations, and workers engaged in occupational hazard operations shall be given regular health examination.” Because of the need of work and the protection of staff, it is necessary for enterprises like chemical factories to purchase protective equipment and supplies for their employees, which is also the legal obligation of enterprises. The purpose of distributing protective articles to employees is to protect them from injury at work and prevent occupational hazards. Therefore, protective equipment and protective clothing are unconditionally provided to Gao Zihang by the factory, not to meet his personal needs. The expenses of this clothing should not belong to the loss of the factory, and the factory has no reason to require Gao Zihang to pay depreciation

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