implementation of work safety Xumei technology won the second prize in the knowledge competition of “seven advances” in work safety

1t is the theme of this year’s work safety month to fully implement the main responsibility of enterprise work safety. On the afternoon of July 18, the competition team of Wenzhou Xumei Technology Co., Ltd. won the second place in the “seven entry” activity of safety production and the final of the regional knowledge competition in southern Zhejiang industrial agglomeration zone (Economic Development Zone) sponsored by the safety committee of southern Zhejiang industrial agglomeration zone (economic development Zone)

(the participants are actively discussing)

(the participants receive the trophy)

this competition aims to strengthen the publicity and education of safety production, and improve the main responsibility of safety production of enterprises and the safety awareness of the whole people. The competition greatly improved the enthusiasm of the staff in production safety activities, and also provided a good communication platform to further strengthen the staff’s awareness of production safety

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