improve the effectiveness of safety education for employees, and safety experience area education becomes a better solution

Safety is the top priority of construction enterprises, and the responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. 1f the safety education is not in place, it will bring hidden dangers. Therefore, it is an inevitable choice for enterprises to take various effective forms to strengthen the education and training of meta safety knowledge and procedures and measures, so as to change passive defense into active management, and comprehensively improve the quality and economic benefits of employees< However, due to the fact that the safety education and training course for employees pays more attention to theory than practice, which is boring and lacks vividness, the employees do not pay attention to the safety training and listen to the class carefully, and the training is a mere formality. Once they are in violation of regulations or encounter emergencies in the production process, the employees often have poor knowledge of safety accident prevention and emergency response ability, 1t not only brings great harm to employees and their families, but also makes construction enterprises suffer economic losses, and social reputation is also affected. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the effectiveness of employee safety education recently, a reporter’s investigation found that Beijing Dalong Construction Co., Ltd. not only played a very good warning role, but also greatly improved the effectiveness of safety education by establishing safety experience education base to let employees experience the serious consequences of various unsafe hidden dangers and major safety accidents< 1t is understood that Beijing Dalong Construction Group Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating housing construction engineering, garden and ancient architectural engineering, Building Decoration Engineering and mechanical and electrical equipment installation, with high safety risk of employees and high possibility of falling from scaffolding in order to enhance the effectiveness and pertinence of safety education and training, and quickly improve employees’ knowledge of safety accident prevention and emergency response ability in a short period of time, Dalong Construction Group has raised funds to establish a safety experience education base the customized experience area of Dalong consists of entrance fall experience area, seat belt experience area, helmet impact experience area, simulated electric shock experience area, fire experience area, balance beam experience area and human first aid experience area. 1n the mode of physical display and personal experience, the common hazard sources and unsafe behaviors on the construction site are materialized and materialized, so that the construction personnel can experience the possible serious consequences of unsafe operation form through vision, hearing and touch, and enhance the safety awareness of employees, so as to take precautions for example, if the user is hit by a heavy object while wearing a safety helmet, he is required to wear a safety helmet, stand upright under the simulated impact ball, and hit the safety helmet worn by the person below by falling after the impact ball rises to a certain height, so that the user can realize the possible serious consequences if he does not wear a safety helmet, and enhance the consciousness of wearing a safety helmet in the fire extinguisher demonstration experience area, the experimenter is required to operate and use the fire extinguisher personally, and extinguish the fire through the fire simulation device, so that the experimenter can deal with the initial fire timely and efficiently when facing the fire. This kind of education and training can enhance the staff’s emergency handling ability, experience and master the correct use of fire extinguisher, so as to be fearless, calm and successful in putting out the fire when doing construction projects, we often encounter falls and other phenomena. 1n order to make every employee a “first-aid expert”, Dalong construction has also set up a safety first-aid experience area. Through cardiopulmonary resuscitation training, the main functions of simulators are provided, and the operation process practice and assessment of cardiopulmonary resuscitation are provided, To enable the experiencer to master the operation skills of various methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to respond to emergencies with correct and skilled operation skills, to provide rapid first aid solutions for employees, and to minimize casualties in a word, innovating staff safety education methods can improve staff safety awareness and emergency response ability, enhance effectiveness, and take precautions. Beijing dragon construction has given us a satisfactory answer

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