improve the protection function of Lanxiang fabric by relying on tracking and traceability system

The threshold of labor protection products industry is low, and the workshop type enterprises still exist. Many enterprises have no safety management and safety measures, but they are producing labor protection products which are known as providing safety protection for workers. Netizens from the construction industry expressed their ardent hope for the labor protection products industry to us. He believes that the mobility of construction workers is relatively large. Most of the construction workers choose labor protection products by themselves, and their brand loyalty is not high. They all rely on their feelings and experience. When they think that is good, they will get used to using that brand. Labor protection products are still in the blue ocean market, and there is no big national brand. 1t is hoped that domestic labor insurance companies will seize the opportunity to become stronger and bigger; At the same time, netizens revealed to us that there are many labor protection shoes that are not nail proof, not electricity proof, poor environmental protection, and have a strong smell. 1t’s the same with gloves. 1n this regard, we said that we will work with the labor insurance enterprises to supervise and expose the behaviors and enterprises that produce fake and shoddy goods, so as to make the product circulation process more transparent and enable users to interact and communicate with producers in time, so as to promote the continuous optimization of products and provide more high-quality products for more workers< At the end of 2015, the general office of the State Council proposed in the opinions on accelerating the construction of traceability system for important products: "by 2020, the planning standard system for the construction of traceability system will be improved, and the laws and regulations will be further improved; The national traceability data unified sharing and exchange mechanism has basically been formed, and the traceability information exchange and sharing among relevant departments, regions and enterprises has been preliminarily realized therefore, with the support of the State Administration of work safety, the China Federation of labor protection articles launched the launching ceremony of “China tracking and traceability system of labor protection articles” on September 28, 2016 at the “Eighth China international work safety and Occupational Health Exhibition” held in the exhibition hall of the National Convention Center. As the last line of defense for the safety and health of industrial workers, the durability and stability of the protection function of labor protection products is very important. With the establishment and application of the system, the source of labor protection products can be traced, the destination can be traced, and the responsibility can be investigated centering on the enterprise mission of “dedicating safety, health and comfort to industrious and intelligent industrial workers”, as a professional supplier of antistatic tooling fabrics for more than 20 years, Zhejiang lantianhai Textile Clothing Technology Co., Ltd. has formed a unique “ten production requirements of Lanxiang gb12014-2009 fabrics” at the same time, the company pays attention to the improvement of qualification and protection function, and has obtained the fabric anti-static protection function certificate of “national labor protection articles inspection and testing center” since 2003; Since 2005, “Lanxiang” has become the only fabric with anti-static performance quality assurance insurance undertaken by P1CC; From 2010, the validity period of anti-static performance of Lanxiang fabric will be extended to three years; 1n 2015, lantianhai was awarded the best green fabric enterprise in China, and was rated as one of the top ten labor protection products enterprises by China Chemical Safety Association; 1n 2016, “Lanxiang” A-class anti-static protective fabric passed CTTC certification, and was rated as AAAA class labor protection product by China labor protection articles Union in the same year (“laborer” app) ?) if you scan, you can find the products of Lanxiang according to the goal of “by the end of the 13th five year plan, China labor protection products alliance will become the largest labor protection products industry alliance in China, with sales accounting for more than 60% of the country” put forward by cuppe in the second plenary session of the first Council. Zhejiang lantianhai takes the “product tracking and traceability system” as the main work of the company. The company participated in the training and launching ceremony of the tracking and traceability system held by the alliance. By joining the tracking and traceability system, the anti-static protection performance and durability of “Lanxiang” tracking and traceability fabric have been improved, At the same time, it also promoted the monthly quality monitoring of fabric anti-static protection performance of lantianhai company and P1CC Property 1nsurance Company according to the production safety law of the people’s Republic of China, the main data sources of occupational health labor protection law enforcement and supervision carried out by safety supervision departments at all levels in the future and the purchase of labor protection articles by enterprises all come from the information provided by the traceability platform. Therefore, the application of the system can not only eliminate those fake and shoddy enterprises, but also effectively solve the problem of low price vicious competition in the industry, provide a good competitive environment for excellent enterprises entering the traceability platform, and help to narrow the gap between domestic protection products and developed countries such as Europe and the United States

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