in 2017, why do you want the dealers to follow you?

2016 is about to pass. After another year’s hard work, the dealers found that they didn’t make much money at all. 1n their spare time, everyone looked up and sighed. How to live next year is still a big problem. Whether they can make money in 2017 is still uncertain

why can’t you earn money

we are unable to change the general environment of economic slowdown; The rise of e-commerce, double 11 hot impact, we can not afford to provoke; However, we can’t solve even some trivial things around us, such as collusion, disorderly pricing, expense verification, pressing goods and so on, which are worrying our dealer boss all the time

when we look to our partner, the manufacturer, we always get indifferent reply, not only the problems that should be solved have not been solved, but also the money that should be earned has not been earned

when a manufacturer manages dealers and markets, the degree of cooperation of dealers is formed on the premise of following the manufacturer and making money. 1n case of low price fleeing and unprofitable sales, the situation will be very bad if the sales task cannot be completed continuously

What do manufacturers use to manage dealers? After all, the premise of cooperation between manufacturers and dealers is to seek profits. Without profit support, how many people are willing to play with manufacturers

our dealers want to ask the manufacturers that it’s getting worse year by year. We followed the manufacturers and led a group of people to work hard for a year. 1’m afraid the money we earned is far from even the soaring house prices

Why do you want dealers to follow you if you don’t let dealers make money

since the beginning of this year, many dealers have been in business difficulties and can not complete the sales tasks set by the manufacturer on time. 1f the dealers can not complete the tasks in each quarter, the annual task will undoubtedly be very difficult. Some dealers in order to complete the quarterly and monthly task, began to crazy pressure goods, fleeing goods, but after pressure goods how to do

as the makers and implementers of game rules, manufacturers should make reasonable strategic positioning for dealers, retailers and consumers. As a strong force to develop and maintain the market, dealers bear the brunt. After all, these people take money to play with manufacturers. They are not the same as salespeople. They can earn a little less. Dealers have to support a group of people and also serve investors. What’s more, many dealers still have loans. How much money do they get every day when they open their eyes

it is a common problem that the market is difficult to do now. Many dealers signed grand annual sales targets with manufacturers at the end of last year or the beginning of this year. Now, with the passage of time, the heroic spirit is short, and the last month of 2016 is left. How difficult the annual task is! So in this kind of time, it can be said that when it’s time for manufacturers, dealers and sales personnel to make choices, how should they play? How to go in 2017

Yes, our dealers have some foundation. 1t’s no big problem to bear it for a while, but please let us see the hope. Don’t even have the room to go back when we really can’t bear it. Let our dealers earn some money and let us see the hope, so that we can be more energetic

after more than ten years of hard work, who wants to leave like this

some people say that in this era when the public are playing virtual economy, financial management, real estate and stock speculation, those who engage in real economy are fools. And our dealers, not only do entities, but also take goods from manufacturers to prepay, supply goods to the terminal without money, play with all the value here, earn the profits of cabbage, but hold the heart of selling white powder, it is a big fool

but are we really stupid? You don’t understand that we have worked hard for decades to see our products accepted by the public one by one, and our staff have worked hard day and night to grow up. 1t’s really a career created by myself with blood and sweat for many years. 1t’s emotional. Who is willing to leave easily? Even if it’s very difficult now, they really don’t want to give up easily

finally, dealers hope that manufacturers should recognize the direction, not to give up long-term interests for the sake of short-term interests, not to give up long-term interests for the sake of selfish desires, and become the target of solicitation! 1 wish all the family members who are struggling to make progress in 2017

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