in celebration of sanitation workers’ day, Binzhou distributed cotton padded clothes and gloves to more than 1000 sanitation workers

provide cotton padded gloves to representatives of sanitation workers

Binzhou self-developed fast cleaning pickup truck

Technical workers assemble fast cleaning pickup truck

high pressure cleaning truck can clean the garbage on the sidewalk, Reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers

public network Binzhou October 26 (reporter Lu Zhiqiang) October 26 is the 22nd sanitation workers’ day in Shandong Province. This morning, in Binzhou Huanghe 8th Road and Bohai 16th Road, sanitation workers drove all kinds of sweepers and cleaning vehicles to celebrate their Festival with modern labor. Each sanitation worker also received cotton padded clothes and clothes Gloves and other winter warm products

on the morning of the 26th, sanitation workers on the 8th Huanghe Road and the 16th Bohai Road carried out demonstration drills with modern sweepers, cleaning vehicles and cleaning vehicles on the roads to celebrate the arrival of sanitation workers’ day. The leaders of the urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau also expressed sympathy to the representatives of the front-line sanitation workers, sat down to chat with them, listened to their voices, understood their difficulties, and provided help as much as possible. Each sanitation worker also received winter warm products such as cotton padded clothes and gloves

Liu Peng, deputy director of Binzhou environmental sanitation department, told dazhong.com that in recent years, in order to improve the quality of road cleaning, enhance the mechanization degree of road cleaning, and reduce the labor intensity of environmental sanitation workers, the environmental sanitation department of Binzhou urban management and law Enforcement Bureau has continuously increased equipment investment. 1n 2014, it invested nearly 10 million yuan to purchase 20 sets of large-scale professional cleaning equipment, and carried out sanitation operation according to the new operation mode, which greatly improved the level of sanitation mechanization and cleaning quality, and invested another 3 million yuan to purchase auxiliary equipment such as electric cleaning vehicle, electric sweeper and small cleaning vehicle. At present, there are 30 large-scale road cleaning equipment and more than 200 road cleaning electric vehicles, all of which have been put into the road cleaning operation, realizing the full coverage of mechanized cleaning, and the machine sweeping rate of urban main and secondary roads is 100%

“while increasing equipment investment, we are also constantly reforming and innovating. Our self-developed fast cleaning pickup truck not only reduces the cost, but also improves the working efficiency of sanitation workers because of its fast speed.” Liu Peng said that 30 of the vehicles are planned to be put into production, and 10 of them have been put into use, which can clean up areas and garbage missed by large vehicles and improve the operation frequency. The use of the cleaning car not only reduces the labor intensity of front-line sanitation workers, but also greatly ensures the personal safety of sanitation workers without manual picking< According to Liu Peng, this year, the environmental sanitation department has also provided internal special communication tools for sanitation workers, which facilitates communication among sanitation workers and between sanitation workers and managers, and is conducive to work; Because most of the sanitation workers are older, when they have physical discomfort or other emergencies, the equipment manager or other sanitation workers will find out at the first time and arrive in time; The equipment will also help to strengthen the construction of "six teams" of public security joint defense, and promote the environmental sanitation team to play a greater role and make greater contribution in maintaining social security and stability the reporter of dazhong.com learned that in order to better let the sanitation workers live and work, the sanitation department of Binzhou urban management and law enforcement bureau started from improving the rest environment of the sanitation workers, and built the sanitation workers’ rest room in the city. So far, nine sanitation workers’ rest rooms have been put into use. There are tables and chairs, solar energy, water dispenser, air conditioner, locker and other facilities in the rest room of sanitation workers, so that the majority of sanitation workers can have a place to rest, eat, drink water and shelter from the wind and rain after hard work. At present, there are six rest rooms for sanitation workers, which have completed the pre site selection of the project, the first draft of design renderings and graphic design drawings, and the pre approval publicity of the plan, and are expected to be completed and put into use in 2017

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