in the final of Hunan Province Museum clothing design competition, a costume show was staged

This morning, as the first show of a series of activities of the new Hunan Provincial Museum, the final evaluation of the “Dingsheng Dongting Cup” costume design competition was held in Changsha

this is a collision of history and fashion, and it is a heritage of civilization and culture. This morning, as the first show of a series of activities of the new Hunan Provincial Museum, the final evaluation of the “Dingsheng Dongting Cup” costume design competition was held in Changsha. 1n the end, Ma Meijuan and He Jing, the design team of Hunan paiyite Co., Ltd., won the gold medal in the library uniform design competition for their work “wake up”, which stood out from more than 20 finalists

at the final evaluation meeting, ten participating units and individuals showed and explained the shortlisted works in turn, bringing a unique show of tooling and clothing to the audience. Liu Xiaogang, Professor of Shanghai Donghua University and Secretary General of the textile Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of education, Wei Chunyu, Dean of the school of architecture of Hunan University, Li Lifang, Dean of the school of art of Hunan business school, Tang Xiaojian, Secretary General of Hunan Clothing 1ndustry Association, Chen Jiazi, director of Changsha radio and television station 886, researcher of Hunan Provincial Museum Yu Yanjiao, an expert on the research of Han tomb relics in Mawangdui, has been a member of the expert jury. Adhering to the fair and rigorous scoring principle, the jury has made professional scores for each group of entries from the aspects of production technology, creativity, practicability and exhibition

on the spot, Hunan Provincial Museum also invited 100 people from the public, museum members, volunteers and media representatives to form a public jury. According to their understanding and preferences of the museum’s tooling clothing, they cast a valuable vote for their favorite entries. The final score of each contestant is calculated according to the ratio of 7:3 between the expert score and the public score

finally, the design team of Hunan paiyite Clothing Co., Ltd. Ma Meijuan, He Jing and others’ work “wake up” closely adheres to the elements of Chinese clothing culture and combines with the characteristics of modern clothing culture, which is concise and atmospheric

“as one of the judges, my evaluation criteria are mainly in the scope of professional wear, practical and durable, and also combined with the production cost.” Liu Xiaogang, a professor at Shanghai Donghua University, said

in view of the overall situation and development of Hunan’s fashion design industry, Liu Xiaogang believes that the overall level of Hunan is in the middle and upper reaches of the country, but it has not yet reached the forefront. He suggested that, in terms of design style, Hunan clothing industry should strive to explore and show regional culture and local culture, innovate and improve in concept, absorb and adopt information, and make marketing mode and behavior more international and innovative

the work “Yan Hui Hui” by Jiang Jiani, a graduate student of Tsinghua University, combined with the part of Xin Qi embroidery unearthed in Mawangdui, the representative color design of Museum clothing is extracted

according to the scoring results of the expert panel and the public panel, Ma Meijuan and He Jing, the design team of Hunan paiyite Clothing Co., Ltd., won the gold medal for their work “wake up”; Xia Rongsen’s work “Lotus elegant charm” of Zhejiang georgeback Clothing Co., Ltd. and Guo bangrong’s work “classic reconstruction” of Hunan Oriental Fashion Co., Ltd. won the silver award

the work “thick ink and light color” by Cheng Jing of the Academy of fine arts of Hunan Normal University draws a traditional Chinese longevity embroidery pattern on the fabric, which reflects the Chinese flavor and fashion aura

since October 2016, the competition has attracted entries from more than 10 provinces and cities, including Hunan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shaanxi, Jilin, Dalian, Shandong, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi and Guangdong, as well as from old Jinshan, USA. 1n just over a month, the Organizing Committee of the competition received hundreds of entries. On November 30, a preliminary evaluation meeting was held in the “heyday Dongting Cup” costume design competition of Hunan Provincial Museum, and more than 20 sets of works were selected into the final through the preliminary evaluation. From December 1 to December 20, Hunan Provincial Museum announced the shortlisted works in the final on its official website, and launched the voting activity of “the most popular online Award”. 1n the 20 day online voting, a total of 20049 people participated in the voting. Finally, Xiao Yuqiang’s design work “elegant charm Sanxiang” won the “most popular online Award” in this competition with 4240 votes< According to Duan Xiaoming, director of Hunan Provincial Museum, with the opening of the new museum entering the countdown period of one year, Hunan Provincial Museum presents a visual feast to the public to show the charm of new Xiangbo costumes. At the same time, he also hopes that through the holding of this design competition, it will not only successfully create a cross industry and cross field high-end art and fashion dialogue activity, but also show the public the museum's new style, new atmosphere and its unique beauty of Hunan

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