industrial explosion and safety protection technology forum held in Guangzhou

Fang Qiang, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, attended the opening meeting. Fang Qiang said that safety in production is inseparable from standards. We should fully understand standards and ensure safety in production in industries and enterprises

at the opening meeting, Wang Zhi, vice president of Wuhan 1nstitute of safety and environmental protection of Sinosteel, analyzed and interpreted the revision and general idea of GB 15577 “safety regulations for dust explosion protection”. Wang Zhi said that the “dust explosion prevention safety regulations” is a safety standard to standardize the dust explosion prevention safety management of industrial enterprises in China and improve the safety technology level of enterprises involved in explosion, which plays an important role in reducing dust explosion. However, GB 15577-2007 “dust explosion proof safety regulations” has been implemented for ten years, some provisions of the original standard can not meet the current requirements of dust explosion-proof safety production. 1n recent years, dust explosion accidents occur frequently, causing more and more harm. Therefore, since 2016, the dust explosion prevention sub Technical Committee organized relevant experts to carry out the second revision and improvement of the standard. Wang Zhi said that only by continuously improving the dust explosion-proof safety standards can the harm caused by dust explosion accidents be better reduced< At the exhibition site, a number of new equipment, such as industrial explosion-proof robots and dust monitoring and early warning system, are also on display. Through artificial intelligence technology, dust explosion accidents can be more accurately controlled to ensure industrial safety in production the industrial explosion and safety protection technology forum will further promote industrial explosion prevention and control technology, promote industrial and trade explosion related enterprises to strengthen production safety awareness, accelerate the adoption of advanced explosion-proof technology, establish and improve safety production standards, and curb the occurrence of major explosion accidents(Editor: Zhi Tao)

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