insulation protection products help new energy vehicles

Recently, four young men in Hangzhou automotive senior technical school are in the limelight. The news that they have achieved excellent results in the national new energy vehicle competition has spread all over the school, and they have a high rate of return on the road. These four young men are new to the world. They are fighting without any experience. What they are fighting for is their real skills. As a result, they carried back the two awards of secondary vocational group and higher vocational group

working hard for 2 months

zero basic research on new energy vehicles

this competition is divided into two groups: Higher Vocational and secondary vocational. Each group sets up a team event, which includes three assessment subjects. The subjects are divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and practical operation, testing students in an all-round way

Chen Yujie and Zhang Lei from the automobile transportation class took part in the secondary vocational group competition. They won the first prize in one fell swoop after three rounds of tests, including the basic knowledge test of best1 new energy vehicle, the replacement of new energy vehicle power battery and the common fault diagnosis of new energy vehicle control system

Pan Lei and Guo Sheng from the new energy vehicle class took part in the competition of the higher vocational group. They had three rounds of problems: best2 new energy vehicle basic knowledge examination, common fault diagnosis of new energy vehicle charging system and fault diagnosis of new energy vehicle high-voltage system. After PK level by level, they won the first prize of the second prize

the excellent results of the two groups created the history of the school

the instructor Wang Jun is a typical man of science and engineering. He is not good at talking and seldom shows his feelings in front of the students. But when it comes to the student’s winning the championship, his face can’t help but shine: “in the last few minutes of the practical competition, the staff of the competition allowed us to enter to watch the situation of the students. Among several groups of students in the same competition, 1 recognized Chen Yujie and Zhang Lei at a glance. They were very involved and their movements were very smooth. “

there was a scene in which Wang Jun was very impressed. They just went in. When Chen Yujie and Zhang Lei had already started to pack the tool box, the other groups were still working on the car body” Seeing that they are very calm, 1 let go. There must be a play. Now think about it, these students are really not easy. ” Mr. Wang Jun recalled that at the beginning of the contest, the four students had no contact with new energy vehicles or even touched them. However, the training period was only two months. The students really put in all their efforts, soaking in the workshop every day, fumbling for practice again and again, in exchange for this honor

“during the summer vacation, they wore thick insulating clothes. They stayed in the stuffy workshop for several hours, and they didn’t care about food. Their hair could be soaked with sweat. 1t was really bitter. Now they really deserve this achievement.” Mr. Wang Jun spoke highly of the students

nearly one hour compressed to 31 minutes

challenge to replace more than 200 kg battery

now looking back at this competition, Zhang Lei’s initial feeling is a bit of collapse. This little car maintenance expert, who won awards in Hangzhou vocational skills competition and Zhejiang Vocational skills competition, could not even understand the structure of new energy vehicles at first

“without engine, pure electric vehicles rely on motor controller MCU to control the operation of the whole vehicle system, which is essentially different from the gasoline vehicles that we learned to run by engine.” Zhang Lei said that when he just got the relevant information about new energy vehicles, he really couldn’t understand them at all. Chen Yujie is a junior student of Xiaozhang Lei. His personal strength is also the maintenance of gasoline vehicles. Facing the “difference” of new energy vehicles, he is also a little confused. Fortunately, they have strong self-learning ability. With the teacher’s guidance, they soon became familiar with the structural principle of new energy vehicles

“the basic knowledge is relatively easy to master, and the most difficult thing is practical operation. The biggest difficulty of this competition is to replace the power battery of new energy vehicles.” Zhang Lei said that just entering the workshop, there are a lot of precautions. Goggles, safety helmets, insulating gloves and insulating shoes are necessary. What’s more important is to put on insulating clothes. When operating, you can’t leave the insulating blanket under your feet. When two people cooperate, one is the main operator and the other is the main supervisor. 1n case of emergency, the guardian should protect the operator

Chen Yujie said that the power-off treatment is the basic operation to replace the battery, and then the car can be operated at the bottom of the car after being lifted to a suitable height by the lift” To open the guard board, first you need to find the 10 screws that hold the battery down, and then you can remove the battery by unscrewing them with insulating tools. The removal is relatively simple, but the installation is difficult. ” Chen Yujie told reporters that the whole battery is like a big piece of chocolate. 1t’s flat and thick and weighs more than 200 kg, so it’s really a technical job to install it back on the car. 1f the position is a little bit wrong, the whole car will roll over directly

Zhang Lei said that the light under the car is usually very dark, and wearing goggles is easy to fog. Every time he practices this part, he will sweat” First, hold the battery close to the installation position and send it up a little bit until all the 10 screws are aligned, then it can be accurately stuck in. ” Zhang Lei is the main operator. He has to practice this installation several times a day, which is a great test of his physical strength

after the battery is installed, the rest of the work will be easier. At first, because they are not familiar with the whole process, it takes nearly an hour for them to replace a battery, which is far from the standard of 40 minutes in the competition

“later, we only took 31 minutes to finish the formal competition. There is a secret to this. We mainly rely on our cooperation. We have to plan in advance what we do in each link, even when we take what tools, which greatly saves time.” Zhang Lei said

in two months, Zhang Lei and Chen Yujie have lost seven or eight Jin. They think it’s worth it

there is a shortage of new energy vehicle talents

the competition sharpens students’ superb skills

as early as 2012, Hangzhou automobile university took the lead in launching the new energy vehicle repair major, and the first 38 graduates have already been “robbed”. Pan Lei and Guo Sheng, who participated in the competition, entered the school in 2013. Although they are studying in the new energy automobile repair class, they are not involved in the new energy vehicles in the current course. This time, they also started from scratch

“1 think the study of new energy vehicles is still relatively difficult. Compared with gasoline vehicles, both fault repair and model structure are much more complex. Moreover, there are many high-voltage wiring harness in the body, which are similar in appearance and densely arranged together. 1t’s really difficult to identify. 1t needs to be judged from multiple ways of color, signal and pin number.” Guo Sheng said that often a fault will affect several lines, so we need to be patient when we study. Pan Lei had no competition experience before, and he was often in a confused state when preparing. “The instructor helped me a lot. He often discussed with me to help me build up my confidence.”

this kind of help has been extended to the competition. Pan Lei and Guo Sheng showed confidence and composure in the competition” The last question of the competition is the most difficult one. The high-voltage system fault belongs to the first level fault. 1t can’t be driven or started. 1f the insulation of the high-voltage cable MCU of the motor controller in the car body is also broken, it may cause hidden danger to the car owner, so accurate fault diagnosis is very important. ” Pan Lei said that in the end, they found out the answer to this problem through computer parameter analysis and visual observation of the circuit

they have achieved good results in the first national competition, but they are not satisfied. They are determined to participate in more national competitions in the future to hone their skills

“our school encourages students to participate in this kind of competition. After all, the prospect of new energy vehicle field is very good. Now, the annual growth rate of new energy vehicles is much higher than that of gasoline vehicles. On the one hand, there is policy support. For example, in cities with limited license plates, there is no purchase tax, and there is no restriction on transportation. On the other hand, it is indeed very affordable for consumers. 1f the owner of Fenggu power at home can complete the charging in time, the cost per kilometer will be less than 20 cents, And the traditional gasoline car even the smallest displacement model, a kilometer is often about 50 cents. ” Xu Jiagong, the instructor, analyzed that in the future, there will be more and more new energy vehicles, and senior talents in this field will be more and more in demand. Through one national competition after another, students’ skills will be greatly improved

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