interview with Chen Meilong from investment and finance circles: developing labor protection products to protect “the most beautiful retrograde”

On August 12, 2015, 165 people were killed and 8 lost contact in a major explosion safety accident in Tianjin port. The whole 20 months have passed since the accident, but its warning function has always existed. Relevant enterprises should abide by laws and regulations, strictly abide by national regulations, and avoid the occurrence of such safety accidents. And the safety protection of the rescue workers who rush to the front line should be guaranteed, because they are always ready to “use my uniform for your stability”

labor protection articles, also known as safety protection articles, internationally known as personal protective equipment (PPE), is the last line of defense for the life and health of production workers. Our country requires enterprises and institutions to equip employees with safety protection products with relevant laws

Chen Meilong has a company mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of labor protection articles. 1n 2012, she began to develop a new type of light anti-collision hat. Recently, a reporter from the investment and financing sector interviewed Chen Meilong on the relevant information of labor protection articles

safety is no trivial matter, improve the awareness of protection

Chen Meilong has been engaged in the labor protection and safety products industry for 14 years, from a sales manager to a manager, and then founded her own company. His only advice to the production workers who are struggling in the front line is: “safety is no trivial matter. We must improve our awareness of prevention and cherish life safety.”

Chen Meilong told the investment and financing circles that the general office of the State Administration of work safety also reissued the management standard for labor protection articles of employers on January 6, 2016, aiming to strengthen the management of labor protection articles of employers and protect the life safety and occupational health of workers. Moreover, the production safety law has made specific provisions on the use of labor protection articles, clearly requiring that the production and business units must provide employees with labor protection articles that meet the national or industrial standards, and supervise and educate employees to wear and use them according to the use rules

according to some experts, it is because of the continuous strengthening of national safety supervision and the increase of safety awareness of enterprise management and production workers that the labor insurance industry has entered a benign and rapid development stage in the past decade

seven years of production, coexisting with front-line production workers

China is a country with the largest labor market in the world, and such a huge employment force needs a considerable amount of labor protection articles every year. According to the statistics of relevant departments, China’s annual market demand for labor protection products is about 30 billion yuan, with great market potential< According to Chen Meilong, since its establishment in 2010, the company's business has been basically completed, which is mainly divided into three parts: one is the comprehensive packaging service of personal protective equipment, which is to provide a full range of labor protection products and services for the front-line production workers of manufacturing enterprises in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, including the equipment standard of occupational health and safety protection products, the packaging service of personal protective equipment Product selection and other pre-sale, in sale and after-sale services; Second, research and development, production, promotion and sales of the company's own brand products; Third, the company's leading products, supplemented by comprehensive labor protection products export trade the development of the industry needs not only the support of market and policy, but also the development of technology. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the increasing awareness of safety production, the demand for labor protection articles is growing, and the demand for product varieties and quality is becoming higher and higher. This will not only provide unlimited development space for the labor protection articles industry, but also bring new challenges. Today’s labor protection products are not only more and more refined, but also with the development of science and technology and the progress of working methods, the labor protection products are high in science and technology, humanized in design and fashionable in style therefore, since 2012, on the basis of retaining the original business of high-quality end customers, the company has been working with Tianjin 1ndustrial Product Design 1nstitute to develop its own brand products – light anti-collision caps. The products have developed from one single product to more than ten products now, 1t has 9 utility model patents and 3 product appearance patents, and has passed EU standard certification and royal certification “today, the company has 112 regional distributors. Over the past five years, we have indirectly served a large number of high-quality enterprises and institutions, such as CSR, CNR (merged into CRRC), State Grid, Bombardier, ThyssenKrupp, National Fire Bureau, Shentong Metro, China Fisheries Association, China Aerospace Group, etc, Brand awareness and market share have been greatly improved. ” Chen Meilong said, “in February 2015, the company established the international trade department to explore the international market. Over the past two years, we have accumulated nearly 30 customers from different countries and regions, and many customers have placed orders repeatedly.” according to the investment and financing circles, the basic pattern of the company’s main business sectors has taken shape. 1t is necessary to increase investment in sales promotion and new product research and development, so as to increase the company’s market share, the sustainable development of its brand and enterprise, and the continuous development of domestic and international markets. Chen Meilong hopes to raise 3 million yuan and transfer 20% of its equity with the help of the investment and financing circles

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